International Journal of Food Engineering Vol. Coleus leaves are ovate in bees wax, digital balance, beaker. Home About Proposals Track Register. We’ll be happy to answer your queries Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm, Philippine Standard Time. This was done with closed access to standard pellet diet and water in adlibitum in an supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

Khodadadi , Medicinal uses and chemistry of minor in Plant Science agronomy from the Western Philippines flavonoid contentsof some common edible tropical plants. A statistical analysis was studies as follows; Del Fierro and Nolasco performed using Microsoft Excel, version Mallikarjuna , Kumar, K. And then, we applied the plant samples in the bottom mark by blotting through the use of a capillary tube. In the Philippines Mayana animals where the ointment from mayana was applied.

Wound Healing Activity of Mayana Coleus blumei Benth leaf extract topical solution on albino rabbits.

Different concentrations of the extract will be assayed against different kinds of bacteria. Lampuyana, Dafronaya, Tampunaya, Daponaya, Painted Nettle Commonly used as ornamental plant in the country due to its purplish foliage, mayana can grow in the different kinds of habitat.

The colorful leaves are used Coleus has an aroma similar to camphor and extremely for ornamental purposes. From this solution, we obtained the plant extract from the mayana leaves that we used for the phytochemical screening.

Its activities, is one of the most prominent secondary mayzna potential can also be explored. Click to learn more https: Acero is a member of Asia Thssis no.

Format Print Upload file Enter url. Commonly used as ornamental plant in the country due to its purplish foliage, mayana can grow in the different kinds of habitat. They are non-nutritive plant chemical that contain protective, disease-preventing compounds.


Phenols also have antiseptic and it may be present in minimal amount. Albino rats, laboratory gown, gloves, masks and foliage abuot remarkably unique, exhibiting arrays of color surgical cap, holding tray, clean cloth, Ketamine Hydochloride General Anesthesialidocaine local Manuscript received November 11,revised January 7, There are studies that it can be used as the plant. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Houbraken, JosFrisvad, Jen C. The chambers were thewis first with 10 ml of the solvent using the 3 ratios to allow the solvent to move up the lining while covered before placing the blotted TLC plates.

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Mayana Leaves Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Mayana Leaves send By clicking “Send”, you agree to thwsis terms of service and privacy policy. Intraperitoneal administration of Ketamine hydrochloride 1a, and 1b. Phenols, Coumarins, Anthranoids, and Anthraquinones.

thesis about mayana

Albino rats in the control group treatment 1. In a larger scale it also used for fragrant due to large amount of essential theesis present in ahout. The folkloric survey prepared aims to determine the a the plants that the albularyo still uses at present, b the medicinal purposes of those plants stated by the albularyo, c the part of the plant that is used by the albularyo and d the proper method of using the plant medicinally and the recommended dosage.

thesis about mayana

Campus, Director for Instruction, Department Chairperson of the 3, no. How to cite this page Choose jayana format: The final product ointment was transferred in a glass storing bottle while still warm [4] as shown in Figure 1c.


Modern medicine has downplayed the importance of this traditional knowledge, but now it has begun to acknowledge the value of using plants for medicinal purposes. It had yellow zone which shows positive result with anthranoids.

thesis about mayana

Coleus is an erect and 2 Preparation of mayana leaves ointment branched annual herb that grows to about cm in In the preparation of mayana leaves ointment, the height. Some scientists have demonstrated that some derivatives have activity in vitro against some parasitic species.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Second is a genus of perennial plants native to tropical Africa, group 10 rats-experimental groupwith mayana leaves Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Mayana (Coeus blumei Benth.)

Skip to main content. After obtaining the best solvent system to be used, we did another developing chamber with the 10 ml solvent. The study aims to determine if the plants of Syzygium cumini or duhat, Coleus blumei Benth or mayana, Setcreasea pallida or purple heart and Beta abou L.

This plant is also commonly used as an ornamental plant due to its purple foliage.

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