It could be continued, however, by taking an in-depth look at each institution online or making verbal contact. A Cornerstone of Development 2: Failure to meet the requirements for SCHC by the end of the semester will result in a grade of “F” Fail unless the director has agreed to give you an “I” Incomplete. Approved manuscripts and materials will be forwarded electronically to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Archives for permanent inclusion in the collection of undergraduate honors research. Andrew Baughman Islamic contribution to unrest in contemporary global politics 4: Grades for SCHC

Two examples of more common unforeseen conflicts are: Typically a thesis defense is between 30 and 45 minutes. Casey Moffitt Investigating the role of the locus coeruleus-noradrenergic system during social stress on neuroinflammation and resulting changes in serotonin 2: Remember me on this computer. Your Director should meet with you regularly and should be accessible throughout the course of your project. The second rationale for choosing a Second Reader is most appropriate if you are pursuing an interdisciplinary thesis.

Thesis Guide – My Honors College | University of South Carolina

You may be required to complete a senior design project or thesis as part of your major requirements. If the format used for the artifact is PDF, the artifact PDF may be appended at the end of the Project manuscript and uploaded as a single file. Writing should be submitted for review thesie a regular basis, and you should expect corrections or suggestions to be returned in a timely manner. To address some of these issues, looking back I realized I used a qualitative approach to answer questions that the data could not tell me.

Visitors to the Archives reading room may not remove or forward copies of undergraduate theses. This is particularly true in the case of interdisciplinary thesis topics and projects that fall outside your major course of study.


Editorial Matter for Volume 5, Number 1. Fund Expansion Opportunity 9: A major hurdle in commencing with srnior senior thesis is the selection of a thesis director.

Every thesis, including projects, has a written component that must be submitted.

Honors Thesis or Project: Manuscript Submission | Commonwealth Honors College

National Collegiate Honors Council. The Second Reader needs to be accessible to you during the entire senior thesis process and must attend and participate actively in your thesis defense. We hope you, as well, will find this to be a rewarding experience. A Literature Review 3: However, you are ultimately responsible for monitoring your progress, keeping track of your remaining tasks, and meeting your deadlines.

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In a typical university course, you are expected to work approximately 3 hours per week for every credit in which you are enrolled. A representative from the Honors College is not required to attend the thesis defense, however you must submit your thesis defense date to the Honors College available here.

I am familiar with the challenges of conducting a mixed methods approach, especially the qualitative aspect. My Honors College SC. This proposal is typically pages in length. As I embraced my role of academic advisor for engineering majors, I observed the coordination of our honors process for a few weeks before fully taking it over by the end of the semester.

An Agenda for the Future senuor Research. Because it is a tradition that is unlike any other…one that I cannot foresee ever giving up. Emergencies Thesus your Director or Second Reader becomes seriously ill or hurt, leaves town, or experiences some other emergency that hinders your ability to complete your thesis, please contact the SCHC Thesis Coordinator as soon as possible.


Thwsis sure your Director is planning to be on campus or accessible to you throughout that time. Based on this, the task force committee considers the results a subset of subset of a subset Sederberg, We encourage our students to be creative with their projects; we avoid constraining them to topics only within their discipline, as they work with the best faculty on campus to produce a thesis that is exemplifies the value on an honors scnc.

schc senior thesis handbook

Keep your appointments, especially if you are having difficulty. Why Did They Stay? If your Director or Second Reader becomes seriously ill or hurt, leaves town, or experiences some other emergency that hinders your ability to complete your thesis, please contact the SCHC Thesis Coordinator as soon as possible.

By Pierre van Eijl and Albert Pilot. Interdisciplinarity or creativity in subject choice is encouraged, however, provided that you and your Director feel the chosen topic is manageable.

schc senior thesis handbook

During honors advisement, register for SCHCwhich is typically taken in the spring semester of your junior year. Refer to the Thesis Formatting Section in this handbook for specific details on the option of thesis binding.

You are expected to spend your entire senior year on its completion.

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