How can I change it? Deyan Levski 25 Feb at Thanks very much for this. Humanities and social sciences theses often need glossaries. If you prefer, you can also view on GitHub. Careful attention was paid to spacing and page headings in the table of contents as well as other heading sections. Le 13 Jul at

Some of the more popular are with bibtex and biber. The steps will vary depending on your operating system and LaTeX setup. Alternative acknowledgementslong environment form which isn’t set out as a quote. This can be found online at http: I have been trying all day!

I am trying to change the titles of the chapters though to align theis rather than right. Ana 23 Mar at Hi and thank you very much for this template.

Oxford University Thesis Template

The template includes the ability to add a list of abbreviations, glossary, etc. Hi John, first of all thanks a lot for this amazing template. You are of course absolutely right; without a clear license it is very difficult to oxfrd make and distribute changes.


Any help would be appreciated!

Subscribe to comments with RSS. Sandra 23 Jul at Hi, I have stumbled across this having already written my masters dissertation.

Oxford LyX Thesis Template

Your email address will not be published. Will also take this opportunity to upload to Github so that people can suggest updates and pull requests more easily.

The thesis template can optionally templaet corrections for your examiners. John McManigle 12 Aug at It should look like this:. Hi John, thank you so much for this brilliant template which is making my PhD life much easier! Is there anyone who can display the references page?

A Thesis Class | Mathematical Institute

If you do want two-sided binding, but with chapters allowed to start on either side, change line 26 to:. It is still possible to use the older metafont logo of either the belt crest or shield crest by using the new as of version 2. As of version 2. Hello John, thanks for osford template. Structure your thesis — thesismathblog.

oxford lyx thesis template

Rahman 27 Apr at Hi John, great code! It also tends to involve pretty individual help depending on your setup.


oxford lyx thesis template

Thank you; and how do I then add a subtitle in a smaller font? Running BibTex, i consistently get an error: Thank you very much for opening up this template for others but I seem to have an error from it when trying to compile the bibtex as it is from the download, that says.

Pablo Reynoso 7 Oct at John McManigle 11 Oct at Most LaTeX packages should have an option to run biber, but more technical advice can be found here: Isabel 6 Aug at Some of the features of this template are: The latest version 2. I give no license to do anything with it, warranty or guarantee that it will work.

oxford lyx thesis template

Salah Eddine Saidi 9 Aug at Hi Sandra, So sorry for the delay in responding!

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