Tribes migrated at different times, each settling in the northeastern part of present India and establishing their respective sovereign mountain terrains and village-states. Snakes that can glide are also found in Naga Country. War dances and other dances belonging to distinctive Naga tribes are a major art form in Nagaland. Without hardly any scientific knowledge engaged in the process of coal mining it is going to create a whole lot of environmental hazards and various other problems in the long run. Nagaland became the 16th state of India on 1 December The capitals of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura have already been connected with broad gauge line and projects are under various stages of progress to connect four other capitals of Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Sikkim.

The memorandum strongly protested against the grouping of Assam with Bengal and asserted that Naga Hills should be constitutionally included in an autonomous Assam, in a free India, with local autonomy, due safeguards and separate electorate for the Naga tribes. Each of the tribe has unique designs and colours, producing shawls , shoulder bags, decorative spears, table mats, wood carvings, and bamboo works. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. The efforts to keep the park free of encroachers continued unabated. Political Parties in Nagaland.

A Clash of Worldviews. A successful head hunter would be conferred a right to ornaments. The species that dominate are Rhododendron, Oaks, Birch and Juniperus sp.

Thunia 1 sppArundinaria graminifolia Bamboo anrRenenthera Red vanda, Rhynchostylis fox tailPleoni, Phauis ground orchid 2 spp, Paphiopedilum 1 spp, Cymbidium tigrinum 1 spp. An average m 80 inches of rainfall is obtained in about 8 months of the year, though the period from the middle of June to mid -September experience the heavies rainfalls.

The population was evacuated.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

Hence, any season of the animals and birds finds their food throughout the nzgaland leading to an infinite variety of fauna. Naga folk religion 0.


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afuna Mount Saramati at an elevation of 3, The younger churches exhibit a more vocally explicit form of worship. Nagaland Northeast India States and union territories of India Seven Sister States English-speaking countries and territories States and territories established in establishments in India. Religion in Nagaland [66] [67]. The list of wild medicinal plants runs into several hundreds. The governor is the constitutional head of state, representative of the President of India.

Flora, Fauna, Peoples Life and Coal Mining in Nagaland

The fsuna species found are Dendrocalamus hamiltonii, Bambusa tulda, Bambusa pallida, Schizostychum dullooa. The Floa of Merit reflected the splendor and celebration of Naga life. Christianity arrived in Nagaland in the early 19th century. In terms of power distribution, every village and town, and almost every household has an electricity connection; but, this infrastructure is not effective given the power shortage in the nwgaland. English is the official language, the language of education, and spoken by most residents.

Of insect, perhaps none in nature are as stylish, and gaudy as the butterflies, Illegal exporters have long exploited the ignorance of the people and many rare and beautiful species of butterfly have found their way to the Universities and scientists of the outside world without mention being made to their being collected from Naga Country.

Cymbidium Tigrinum is another beautiful orchid first discovered in Nagaland. Our country is poor and it does not pay for any administration. The subsequent defeat of Khonoma marked the end of serious and persistent hostility in the Naga Hills. The mountains of the Naga Country have a forthright, inviting and lovely look, covered with every green vegetation and full of life.

Tourism experts contend that the state’s uniqueness and strategic location in northeast India give Nagaland an advantage in tapping into the tourism sector for economic growth. Other than English, Nagamesea creole language naagland on Assameseis widely spoken.


essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

Hornbill Festival [85] was pf by the Government of Nagaland in December to encourage inter-tribal interaction and to promote cultural heritage of the state. Zeliang launched the resumption of oil exploration in Changpang and Tsori areas, under Wokha district in July We have no unity among us and it is only the British Government that is holding us together now.

The Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary, Dimapur, covering an area of ha. The majority of the population in the state speaks English, which esay the official language of the state.

Endangered species- both flora and fauna-Nagaland

Tribe and clan traditions and loyalties play an important part in the life of Nagas. The domestication of some of the wild fruits could, in fact, add to the food variety of mankind. The major languages spoken as per the census are Ao, Konyak, Lotha, Angami, Phom, Sumi 92,Yimchungre 92,Sangtam 84,Chakru 83,Chang 62,Zeme 71, covering Zeliang61, and Zemi10,Bengali 58,Rengma 58,Hindi 56,Kheza 40,Khiamniungan 37,Nepali 24,Pochury 16,Kuki 16,Assamese 16, and Chakhesang 9, The men would go on an expedition against other tribes or neighbouring kingdoms, and kill to score a number of heads they were able to hunt.

Species of Rhododendron, Abies, and Juniperus are found in sub alpine vegetation gradually merges into alpine vegetation which comprises of high altitude grasses and dwarf Rhododendrons.

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