Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you so much, Grandpa, for everything. Americanism Youth of Today — Leaders of Tomorrow. Your dad is a U. Skip to main content. Plaques will be sent to the respective State Associations for presentation to the winning Local Lodges.

Grandpa, you always make me laugh and feel special. A program of the Elks’ Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee, this contest is geared towards students in 5th through 8th grades to promote patriotism among young people. Veterans Day means many things to me, but above all it means the idea of giving back to our veterans. I admire your courage and love for the country. Douglas Schiefer, who is Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee chair, said the contest sends out an important message. Essay must be typed or legibly printed in ink. The contest is open to grades and teachers have the option of having their students take part in the contest.

In her essay Fischer talked the importance of veterans and how they should never be forgotten when they are in need of our assistance.

elks americanism essay contest 2014

The Manistee Elks Lodge No. Veterans Day should be important to everyone, not just me, a son of a veteran, and not just other people who know veterans, because Veterans Day is about saying thank you. Every year, the Alameda Elks are proud to participate in essy Americanism Essay contest, sponsored by our national organization headquarters.

Application Packet Click the large button to the right contrst this year’s theme to download the application materials. You not only have to be physically 0214 but mentally strong. All applications must include the coverpage to identify the student and local Elks Lodge it is submitted to.


The awards were presented to a representative of the local lodge, who in turns presents them to the winners. Each year the Elks sponsor an essay contest on topics relating to Americanism.

Every day is a day to give thanks to all veterans, but November 11 is a day dedicated just to them. In doing so, the Elks operate a national Americanism Essay Contest for school kids in 5th through 8th grade. They have a choice whether or not they want to or not.

Veterans Day means many things to me, but above all it means the americaniem of giving back to our veterans. Many of them have even lost everything for our liberty.

Elks Americanism essay contest winners

The Brainerd Elks Lodge No. Lodge Americanism Essay Contest coordinator Susan Shortridge indicated the top three essays in each division were forwarded to the district level. Veterans gave so much of themselves when they served and we need to honor that.

You have to know your dad loves you more than you can imagine. Together we can do great things! Until recently, I never really knew what Veterans Day was. I believe everyone should honor this day with great respect and be glad we have people protecting us with their own lives. Your life would just simply not be the same without all these brave, courageous soldiers.


elks americanism essay contest 2014

Extending the hand of friendship. Annually on May Essay length is not to exceed words. Annual Americanism Essay Contest. On this day we honor all the men and women who joined the Armed Forces and have risked everything, including their lives, for our freedom. In conclusion, Veterans Day means a lot, and we should celebrate by reflecting on sacrifices, being grateful for soldiers who defended our country and thanking a veteran.

Americanizm would he leave you and your family? This is serious and we should be thankful for them. We think of those who have lost a parent, husband, wife, grandparent, or child and our hearts go out to them. The braver we are the more freedom we gain. I admire your courage and love for the country. Click the large button to the right of this year’s theme to download the application materials.

Elks lodge names winners of Americanism Essay Contest – Manistee News

In World War I, there were approximatelyveterans killed in service. We celebrate this day because these heroes faced great danger and risked their lives for us every day.

elks americanism essay contest 2014

First, Veterans Day is a day for you to remember all of the people who gave their lives serving in the military.

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