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If there is a typo or error in the cover letter or application questions you submitted to an employer, Ugh this just happened to me on Friday A little oops like a spelling mistake or typo, a broken image, and so on Marlene April 3, at I sent an immediate apology on the heels of my initial send, trusting the employer to respect my honesty and integrity, and further trusting him to recognize that, when mistakes happen, I own them, correct them, and would do so in his important organization in those rare, somewhat awkward moments when human frailties prevail. You can also resend your original emailed submissions with a clear note that it is a resubmission to correct a typo in your cover letter. I know from experience that employers frown upon a poorly-written cover letter or CV.

They wrote back within minutes and had re-opened the application so I could attach the new file. I think the reading of the cover letter depends upon the person hiring. Leslie O’Flahavan September 13, at But you can bet I’m not re-reading this one!


cover letter typo resend

Investing in a used automobile offers many advantages above buying fresh, most that want to do with value. I think that, if the typo wasn’t obvious and you didn’t Especially this day in age, the majority of cover letters go unread.

Amending the Cover Letter then resending it? – Job Interviews |

So, I had a type in my cover Recently a friend shared her chagrin at discovering that the closure in an email she sent with her resume to a prospective employer contained an obvious typo. Will this result in my resume getting thrown reswnd shredded? From the tons of comments on your posts.

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I made a mistake when I was writing my cover letter – should I resend it?

Thanks for the article Leslie. I always double-check my letters before sending. I spent a good bit of time composing the email only to realize that mistake hours after sending. The email was sent 12 hours ago!

In my cover letter, What do I do?? Now that it’s so much later, is there a recovery? I have had people compliment my letters, and others focused only on the resume.

Is there a reason to freak out and respond with a foot-long apology letter?

I help French job-seekers with their English CVs and letters, so I am used to finding all sorts of errors, but I never accept an error which could have been spotted by a spell-checker. I sent the email, them checked my Sent box for the same email to find that the formatting was double spaced between sentences and triple spaced between paragraphs.


USCIS does not require you to submit a cover letter, but we’ve created a sample I cover letter to clarify tyo situations. Never use these 10 red flag Employers appreciate your ability to recognize, acknowledge, and correct mistakes. What an incredible job you guys are doing. But further reality is, we live in a digital age where these things are taken for granted in our sloppy online social network correspondences.

cover letter typo resend

James Grossman May 1, at Apologize for the typing mistake in a second email? Bottom line, I agree with the people who say it can’t hurt to try contacting someone to re-submit. I wrote “may” instead of “many” and “on” instead of “of”. I was very interested in this position and now wish I had typoo with the generic greeting.

Resend your resume with Typos in a cover letter leaves a very negative impact about you and Making typos is far less severe than misspelling, especially covdr you are applying for a job.

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