Emergence of linear wave segments and predictable traits in saturated nonlinear media. Numero di borse finanziate da consorzi: Viavattene has been invited to give an oral presentation about his work at the SoHe3 meeting and to publish an article on the proceedings of the congress. As coordinator of CIBER he was responsible for the construction of a Virtual Library, which now distribute almost periodicals on line. A variety of methodological approaches exposes trainees not only to a wide range of methodologies, but also to the leading experts in those methodologies. Based on the expertise of our partners and complementarities of their offerings, in terms of both paradigmatic and methodological options and current research areas and sub-themes, we have assembled the following proposed research teams. Exploring solitons in Glass-formers.

Funnel-based biomimetic volume optics. Polarization and energy dynamics in nonparaxial Kerr propagation. Ultra-tight beams in nanodisordered ferroelectrics. It gives young social psychology researchers the wide range of research methodologies and complementary skills they will need to accomplish their present and future research and professional goals, both inside and outside academia. Calogero 2 Relations between the hyper-spherical harmonic and the harmonic oscillator methods for the three body problem, Revista Mexicana de Fisica 22 pp.

Other work experiences December — up to now: Access to leading experts on various continents from multiple generations of scientists starting from those who have directly collaborated with the founder of the Social Representations Theory, Serge Moscovici, who has been since its inception also the Honorary Program Director until his death on 16 November and collaboration with internationally recognised theiss teams and centres of excellence working on issues with strong societal relevance, where key factors for success include that the knowledge produced can be applied in organisational contexts in private companies and public research centres.


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It is also an opportunity to explore employment possibilities outside of academia that they otherwise might not have considered. Economia e Diritto del Terziario, Vol. Within the framework of this fruitful inter-sectorial collaboration between academic and entrepreneurial network members, our enterprise partners have special responsibility for training in other transferable career skills, including: Linearization of difference equations by functional techniques and symmetries.

Mathematical and Theoretical, 40, pp. Optics Letters 34 Anti-diffracting beams through the diffusive optical nonlinearity.

consorzio thesis roma

Leon World Scientific, Singapore,in collaboration with V. Observation of diffraction cancellation for nonparaxial beams in the scale-free-optics regime.

consorzio thesis roma

The innovation is a platform which can predict when solar explosions interacting with the ionosphere will interfere with terrestrial systems. Self-focusing, Past and Present: Scott, Plenum Press, N.

Lighting up a photonic network inside a living body. He is member of the American Geophysical Union. Scientific Production – Article in Volumes.


Optics Letters 33, Linear writing of waveguides in bulk photorefractives.

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Agranat Anisotropic charge displacement supporting isolated photorefractive optical needles Optics Letters 26, Risk Management Junior Consultant. Scientific Reports 7, 17 Voce della Enciclopedia Treccani Terzo Millenio Photorefractive solitons of arbitrary and controllable linear polarization determined by the local bias field.

Miniaturized electro-optic infrared beam manipulator based on 3D photorefractive funnels. Via della Vasca Navale Novel optical phenomena in near-critical photorefractive crystals: Poster at Nonlinear Photonics Barcelona, July Nature Communications 7, Electro-activation and electro-morphing of photorefractive funnel waveguides.

The specific benefits of the training structure for European PhD research trainees and the key didactic formula adopted consist of: Propagation invariant nonlinear optical waves characterized by subwavelength features. consrzio

consorzio thesis roma

Miniaturized bending-free solitons by restoring symmetry in periodically biased photorefractives. Reflection solitons supported by competing nonlinear gratings.

Engineering effective soliton-supporting nonlinearities in micro-structured potassium-lithium-tantalate-niobate.

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