Electronegativities for selected elements. What is the limiting reagent? Consider HF and HCl: Examine the drawing for the molecular shape of H2O given in Figure 2; make a similar drawing for NH3. CO monocarbon monoxide c. The oxidation number is the charge an atom in a substance would have if the electron pairs in each covalent bond belonged to the more electronegative atom.

Suppose that each compound in CTQ 1 is placed in water. Explain how a catalyst increases the rate of a chemical reaction in terms of the meaning of your plot. The best Lewis structure is the one or ones if a resonance hybrid with thelowest formal charges. One application of this number is inthe quantification of the metallic nature of the elements and an explanation of theplacement of the dividing line between metals and nonmetals on the periodic table. The two rows of 14 elements at the bottom actually fit between groups 2 and 3 on the main table. Draw the Lewis structure for CH4. One concept we need to work on is:

Ionic Bonds and Coulomb’s Law. What feature s of the Lewis structure of benzene, Model 1, is inconsistent with the calculated C—C bond orders in Model 1? How many electron domains does the carbon atom have in CH4?

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

Name the shape of the NH3 molecule and give the approximate bond angles. Precision Generally, when measurements are reported, there is uncertainty qkestions only the final digit.


A hypothetical atom in a galaxy far, far away has 2 electrons at one energy level and 3 electrons at another energy level as shown in the energy level diagram below: Compare your answers to CTQs 2 and 6. Individuals and teams set out to accomplish goals. Write the mathematical equation that relates the energy of a photon and its frequency.

Each solute has a particular solubility in water—often reported as thinkijg maximum number of grams of the solute that will dissolve in grams of water. A certain photon has a wavelength of nm. How many additional electrons critica, P need when it forms a molecule? Photoelectron spectroscopy of a hypothetical atom.

Bond Order and Bond Strength? The magnitude of the magnetic moment measured in magnetons is related to but not proportional to the number of unpaired electrons present.

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The measured dipole moment for HCl is 1. A student performed the reaction in CTQ 11 and obtained only How many valence electrons are in SO3?

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

There are three types of nuclear reactions: Critical Thinking Questions 5. Does any carbon atom have a mass of Ghinking Lewis structure is not considered complete unless the formal charges are indicated no “0” is used. Density tower Critical Thinking Questions: How many electrons are found in 12C?


ChemActivity 25 Metals 4. Make a list of what is the same and what is different among isotopes.

Explain why this is not a valid Lewis structure. We can represent the Li atom in terms of core charge as shown in Figure 1. Compare containers A and C in Model 2.

What are these three values?

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For example, it takes more energy to separate an oxygen atom from a carbon atom in a molecule of carbon monoxide, CO, than it does to separate an oxygen atom from a carbon atom in a molecule of carbon dioxide, CO2.

Would the equilibrium constant, K eqfor this reaction be less than, equal to, or greater than 1? How many electron domains does the carbon atom have in CO2? What is the charge on the fluoride ion? There are six good resonance structures for SO42—.

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

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