This way you receive personal and regular feedback on your study progress. Bij een negatief bindend advies kun je je niet inschrijven voor deze opleiding. You will follow most tutorials with the same group. Menu Toggle navigation Opleidingen Opleidingen home Hoe kies je een studie? Pre-master studenten neem voor inschrijving contact op met Ingrid Smitjes i. Alcorta, MSc Overige cursussen docent. The study advisers are available to help you with specific study problems.

Heb je je na 1 mei aangemeld voor de opleiding, dan is het advies bindend. The thesis process is organised in the following steps: Menu Toggle navigation Opleidingen Opleidingen home Hoe kies je een studie? You will write a short research paper, an essential aspect of academic life. In addition to these courses, you will choose between a profile in: International Business concentrates on the main characteristics and activities of international corporations and how strategic decision-making of multinational enterprises is affected by national economic, social, political and cultural environments.

In addition to these courses, you will choose between a profile in: The faculty’s study advisors are available to help you. Onderwerpen die je zoal tegenkomt als je gekozen hebt voor de richting Algemene Economie zijn bijvoorbeeld de relatie tussen inkomensongelijkheid en levensverwachting in rijke landen, de aandelenmarkt en economische groei, of bedrijfscultuur en intrinsieke motivatie.

Je denkt analytisch en legt razendsnel verbanden.

Economie en Bedrijfseconomie

FEB Career Services To support you in developing your career and strengthen your employability skills, our FEB Career Services empowers you to achieve lifelong success through various career services during your studies. Economics profile Are you interested in economic and social problems?


The mentor, a senior student, will help you learn the ins and outs of the faculty.

For the other two profiles you are not obliged to study abroad, but it gachelor optional. Wat zijn de toelatingseisen? Heb je je na 1 mei aangemeld voor de opleiding, dan is het advies bindend. We were one of the banks that financed the A15, a motorway connecting Maasvlakte 2 to Rotterdam. Economie en Bedrijfseconomie It’s the economy, stupid!

bachelor thesis bedrijfseconomie

At the end of this course, the student is able to: Andere VU-opleidingen voor jou. During the first year of the programme you will take the same courses as your fellow students. You might become an analyst for a research institute, consulting firm or university. Programme options Business Economics profile What is the best way to run an organization? Bohn Overige cursussen docent.

OSIRIS – Onderwijsaanbod MAN-BIMBE

Meld je aan en ontvang per mail informatie over eventuele aanvullende eisen voor toelating op basis van je behaalde buitenlandse vooropleiding. Then this is the programme for you.

For more information, please check our site at http: Stel ze via contact vu. As a student, you are expected to work independently, but of course, the faculty will help you do so.

Finally, you will take an English language course to develop academic writing and presenting skills.


Admission requirements If you have any questions concerning admission, please contact our Admissions Office: International Economics deals with international trade, the internationalization choices of firms and the consequences for e.

Waarom studeren aan de VU? You could help develop important social programmes and devise ways of administering them. Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube.

It is also possible to enter the programme with a HBO propaedeutic certificate, on condition that you meet the required level of mathematics. Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the BSA system. In collaboration with external partners we conduct research projects on e.

Economics and Business Economics

You will learn how business experts and bachellr attempt to stimulate both corporate and economic activity. Eerste jaar In het eerste jaar leg je een stevige basis met zowel algemeen economische als bedrijfseconomische vakken. A Master’s degree in Economics grants you access to the world of banking or the government sector, where you could help develop social programmes.

bachelor thesis bedrijfseconomie

Is economische ontwikkeling een sleutel tot het oplossen van het klimaatprobleem? Waarom Economie en bedrijfseconomie aan de VU?

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