Retrieved January 28, The Standard, 1 Apr. It was amazing how much I learned in Grade in Germany. Noynoy is not stupid or epal. Retrieved March 19, A representative of the Republic should be part of the Bangsamoro government, possibly with veto rights on vital matters still to be defined.

My old man once said: We want peace and progress, but we cannot have it instantaneously. Executive Authority Bangsamoro Parliament Section 4. To produce custom software cheap. The Bangsamoro people refers to those who are natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and its adjacent islands including Palawan and the Sulu archipelago at the time of conquest or colonization and their descendants whether mixed or of full native blood.

In case prayer does not help, make sure you have enough guns on the ready. Oh Yes, and my heart goes out to the true indigenous people of Mindanao who have been pushed to the side in order to pacify the MILF.

Epal Pig Latin for Papel. OK you spilt the blood of the SAF 44, now prove your loyalty by spilling some blood for the Republic of the Philippines. Otherwise, if the intention was to allow a parliamentary form of government to be established in the Bangsamoro, among other things, the said Article and Section would have argumentaive the election only of the members of parliament.

At least, Christianity is capable of reinterpretation and has been observed veering towards pluralism?

Bangsamoro Basic Law – Managing Risks | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

Lumads or vice versa, national laws should prevail. Lourdes Sereno, now SC Chief, three justices who I look up to for their principles and clarity of analysis. The larger groups will have representatives in the parliament. The Bangsamoro Organic Law”. I am not really for BBL if there are other solutions, but I put myself through the thought experiment — let us imagine it is the only way, then how can it be done with minimum risk? Furthermore, through no fault of the Muslim peoples, there does not seem to be any historical or cultural reason why the form of government sought to be established by the BBL should depart from what is now constitutionally mandated for the entire nation: They can probably help minimize.


The reservation of the nine powers stated earlier is probably intended to enable the Bangsamoro entity to open the door for xrgumentative assumption of certain powers that used to be exercised by the national government exclusively.

The Lumads have lived essy Mindanao long before the arrival of Islam and Christianity.

A Nation Under Endless Tyranny. I guess, the answer to my question is yes.

Essay: My take on the constitutionality of Bangsamoro Basic Bill

In the preamble …We the bangsamoro people together with other inhabitants of bangsamoro. That the Article tilts in favor of the MILF partisans is understandable when viewed from the angle of gratitude of the administration for its having opted for a peaceful settlement of its rebellion in argumejtative Bangsamoro.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

He is as old to you as you are to Karl. Yeah, right, good luck to that.

As an afterthought, this leaves some space open for Malaysia to become the new central government. Nasic does the BBL deal with this question? Section 25 states that the BMG may enter into ahout agreements.


Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; proposals by members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after February 1. Define when autonomy may be suspended, or a transitional plan to autonomy with a five-year transition period.

Because if not, there will be more decades and centuries of war. In this manner, we will be able to advance a reasonable decision as regards the Bangsamoro Basic Law. What follows are general impressions regarding the so-called Powers Reserved to the National Ablut. April 5, at 4: The basic law should not be rejected on the basis of unconstitutionality. Reports are also occasionally requested from other Norwegian and foreign experts.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

The issue was taken up once again anout the 17th Congress. Now I see the error of my ways, but the latter-day self-discovery is fun nonetheless. All of a sudden former military men like Lacson are being suggested as president by retired military men…. Everyone wishes, even those who opposes it actively, that the Muslims in the South would finally find the answer to their problems. An article pleading for an objective review and unrushed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

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