Feb 26, Nisrina rated it it was ok. A repetitive usage of specific terms is expected. Let me add a sentence to make that clear. Back to my point. Sep 04, Dayang Noor rated it liked it. Kudos to the writer.

A beautiful love story with a surprising twist.. There are new things to be discovered for those who think that life revolves around Muar only. Even if she did, she should have. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It’s just that most people are busy with Candy Crush, they will save the battery for the game and forget Merriam Webster in their smartphone.

Dec 29, Nurliyana Amirah rated it liked it.

WEDDING SPEECH by Khaliza Khalid

The twist ending is actually khaid contrived, but Weddin actually find myself sighing and I think there may even be a lump in my throat. I never knew English books were published in Malaysia. What a sad ending. The foreshadowing is good, and the execution is brilliant. Now, Yus has this story narrated entirely from his point of view, so it is actually a fatal flaw for him khalie exhibit no character development until the last few pages of this wwedding.

He even uses his own daughter to woo Kelly. Mrs Pasamanickam is mentioned many times in this book! When reading, I need to get into the real scenes, see actions and hear more dialogues. Well, I missed the launching in Publika which was not intentionalall my Fixi Novo’s books were from the first print and I was proud of that and the cover for Wedding Speech was awesome!


There are also some unfortunate use of big words at the wrong places – “literally” is used, redundantly, in scenes where the characters can’t not be literal, for example.

Remember that the story is told in first-person perspective.

Jul 07, Plainqoma rated it liked it. What a waste of time! Dua bab permulaan yang tak langsung merentap perhatian untuk ke bab seterusnya. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Editing or lack thereof is a much more pressing issue. As I said, I almost felt sorry for her.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

Yes, bake your own flesh-and-blood in the hope of catching your girlfriend’s attention. True love requires sacrifice, right? The changing plots – present, back and fro could be hard to relate to as well.

Technically, the author appears well-versed with writing in English, which is a definite plus.

The impressive SAT words don’t do much to the story, rather slow the reading. Get a dictionary before reading this book. Yusrizan is out of the picture, but the story is told in intimate third-person perspectives. Aug 25, Nora Arjuna rated it really liked it.


I thought – am I reading a fantasy fiction? The present is rooted around his wedding day, and the narration goes back and forth as he reminisces the past.

I’m pleasantly shocked by how easily she could manipulate my feelings if she puts her mind into it. Mungkin selepas ini jika ternampak Kedai Toys R Us, bukan sekadar mainan yang akan terlintas di minda. He also cannot seem to differentiate lust from love. Yusrizan is fixated with breasts; that much is clear. Everything Yus says and does is immature and annoying, and I soon feel that I am trapped in a frat party where every guy is drunk and stupid and, oh god, someone please get me out of here.


The writing technique is too much telling and repetitive narration at some points. It’s just that I feel that the book is too “Fixi” at the ending. I say this book has a typical Malaysian storytelling ending.

She also happens to know how many times you poop daily.

wedding speech khaliza khalid

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