We are blessed with a country so diverse; which in itself has wrapped us in her arms and nurtures us in the most beautiful way, right from the time we are born. Painting, Drawing and Essay Competition plan for next week. Getting the list of books and study materials is one of the first things for any aspirants. Swachhata Rally conducted with collaboration of Army public school. Essay competition of School Children has been organized.

Advertisement has been done on local news paper and report has been published by two local news papers. Getting the list of books and study materials is one of the first things for any aspirants. When I dream of India, I picture it just the way a girl pictures her life. Painting and Essay competition was organised in Cantt Primary School. Clearing the UPSC civil services exams require perfect planning and meticulous study for almost a year or more.

It is very obvious that India has achieved in various fields post our independence. A rally by the school children and staff members of the school is conducted through various routes to aware the resident of cantonment area and passed.

Faith is not about geography; it is about living practice.

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Contest Essays for November – Why India is the next global leader? The best essays on eseay topic will be ranked and the winner will be getting the free subscription of current affairs E magazine for six months or free online test Selected essays will be given one month free current affairs E-magazine. Awareness meeting taken by Vice President with public, youth groups, sr. Agriculture is the major occupation of people in India. The encouragement of just any one sector of profession leads to demotivation of the youth.


upscportal essay contest

There should be an increase in the number of institutions even in the small cities so that the people who are not very capable would not have to feel helpless about their higher education.

Slogans, messages are displayed on walls of PGLs. And, of course, attractive prizes for the easay entries.

So, it is vital that students must read the latest books and magazine issues. Loudspeaker announcement was made in civil and market area apprising people about benefits of health and hiegiene. Even the top officials and politicians promote its consumption by distributing them for free to get identity, votes, hassle-free work in various regions.

upscportal essay contest

When I think about my nation, India, I feel the gush of various emotions pacing up and down my mind and heart. Slogans, messages of Swachhata Hi Seva is upsfportal displayed on wall of school. Automatic registration in monthly open essay competition. Advertisement in local newspaper has been given. Each essay would be thoroughly evaluated, with comments, highlighting of the good and weak parts, analysis of the essay structure, and sssay advice to make your writing better. The jpscportal and fortunate lot who get to study in the top institutions are often caught in cases of drugs, molestation, sexual harassment and so on.

We need young people with broad minds and positive attitudes, there should be a pre-decided retirement age, and conditions to enter into politics.

Every month, students can choose any one topic and send their essays.


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Image Distribution of pamphlets. Slogans and messages for awareness. As such all Civil Service aspirants are requested to go through each of upscoprtal pages of Civil Service India portal to get a hangover to take up this prestigious exam. Some leave me with a big smile and some leave me speechless and hurt at the same time.

So choose the correct study materials and avoid such scenario. Awareness meeting with public. All children took part actively in writing the essays.

As people age they lose the hope of achieving anything in life. Image Any other activity performed.

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Even today we are judged by our caste, colour, physical appearance, sexual orientation, etc. The Competition will be arrange in subsequent days of Swatchta hi Sewa Campaign and meanwhile a marathon is being arranged in which Approximately participant runs under various categories. While it is common knowledge that books from NCERT are important, newspapers and other books for various subjects are also important.

We have to put a upscpotal of efforts along with determination to convert our patriarchal society into a society respectful for everyone.

Detailed Feedback of the Essay, along with comments, weaknesses and strong points, and suggestions.

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