Submit only original work and properly cite the works of others that inform the study. Respond to student drafts in a timely basis. Students can submit their copy by digital or hard copy. Students should be familiar with UALR policies on academic dishonesty and plagiarism. In general, committee chairs should provide feedback within 10 working days of receiving a draft. Respond to student drafts in a timely manner.

Digital submissions should be emailed as Word or PDF documents to gradtdreview ualr. Advise the student on proposal and final defense protocols. As of spring , the Graduate School no longer requires bound copies of theses or dissertations. If unable to resolve the conflict, the student may follow up with the chair except in those instances when the conflict is with the chair , followed by the program coordinator or the department chairperson. Ensure that students and their manuscripts are adequately prepared for the proposal and the defense.

Committee Member Responsibilities Collaborate with the committee chair to provide timely and thorough guidance to the student as a mentor on all aspects of his or her graduate studies, including the development of projects, the development of manuscript drafts, and the ethical conduct of research.

This document includes all post-proposal and post-final defense steps that are required of students by the Graduate School. Inform the committee chair of any feedback being provided to students outside of the formal defense settings. Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines.

Dissertation and Thesis Committees: Student and Faculty Responsibilities

Committee Approval Form Co-Advisor: You should download the appropriate form and change the bracketed and italicized text to fit your project. Dizsertation Student Responsibilities Concerning Rules and Requirements Be familiar with the Graduate Catalog and the rules and guidelines of the specific program they are enrolled in.


Students should be aware that some committee members including chairs may resign from a committee if the student does not make timely progress gjidelines completion. Once permission has been granted, regular contact with the chair and committee members should continue over the summer. Help students develop appropriate timelines and procedures for completing dissertation or thesis.

The chair, in consultation with the student, may identify another qualified graduate faculty member—either temporarily for the duration of the OCDA or permanently—to serve as chair.

Committee Approval Form Advisor Only: Advise the student on proposal and final defense protocols. Sources of conflict may include but are not limited to disagreement about a timeline for completing the project, disagreement about the direction of the study or the interpretation of the results, and disagreement about the content, style, and editing of the dissertation or thesis manuscript.

As of springthe Graduate School no longer requires bound copies of theses or dissertations. In general, committee chairs should provide feedback within 10 working days of receiving dissertatipn draft. Maintain contact with their committees and make timely revisions when requested.

You may submit to ProQuest at this link: Alternatively, the student may need to consult with the chair to identify a temporary or permanent replacement. University of Arkansas at Little Rock Apply.

ualr dissertation guidelines

Generally, committee members should provide feedback within 10 working days of receiving a draft. Graduate faculty members who are chairing multiple committees should discuss their workload honestly with their students, setting clear, realistic expectations about how often and how quickly students can expect to receive feedback.

Thesis and Dissertation Information – Graduate School

The purpose and content of dissertations and theses varies by program area, but their supervision is universally handled by a member of the UALR graduate faculty as chair and by a committee of graduate faculty. Students who do not meet with their committee chairs over the summer should schedule an appointment with their chair within the first two weeks of the fall semester to provide evidence of their progress.


Provide the editorial and citation support that students need to prepare a correctly edited manuscript or refer students to an outside resource for this purpose. Be aware of and comply with established defense djssertation manuscript submission deadlines held by individual programs and the Graduate School.

Thesis and Dissertation Information

News and Events News University Events. Respond to student drafts in a timely basis.

Use the committee members as secondary points of contact for developing ideas, reviewing drafts, and submitting a final manuscript. Return to Graduate Coordinator Handbook. If any of those dates fall on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to that next Monday. Concerning the Committee Use the committee chair as the primary point of contact for developing ideas, selecting an appropriate committee in consultation with the graduate coordinatorand developing early drafts.

Take personal initiative to move the project forward and discuss with the chair any problems that arise. Manuscripts with errors that are received by the Graduate School will be returned to the student for corrections. Please see the Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines below for full review and submission instructions.

ualr dissertation guidelines

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