You will need to apply for an extension if you go beyond the time allowed. However, remember that your first choice might be unavailable or busy. An electronic copy to your School for a Turnitin check. The hardbound copy of the thesis will be catalogued and made available as a reference only item from a date after the formal graduation ceremony has taken place. If, exceptionally, your thesis contains confidential material and you require an embargo preventing access to any version of your thesis, you must discuss it with your supervisor and make a restricted access request at least two months before your intended submission date using the following form: Tell the Research Students Tutor if this would cause you difficulties because of approaching deadlines.

Supervisors vary in how they nominate examiners. Take two copies of your thesis and your forms to the Print Me digital shop or use the online thesis binding page and they will bind your thesis for you for a modest charge. For a PhD this is three years full-time or its part-time equivalent. Major modifications usually include one or more larger pieces of work and minor modifications as described above. For the chair, it is important that he or she should be someone whose fairness you trust. However, this guide does not deal with the content and academic standard required of a thesis. One good method is to:.

The University’s regulations require you to study for a minimum period of time before submitting your thesis.

Thesis Submission and Examination

Tgesis for major corrections, you are strongly advised to consult your supervisor before submitting them. Your thesis will not be accepted if your declared word length is greater bhwm the limit. The regulations lay down word limits for theses – for example, 50, words for a Computer Science PhD – and when you submit you must fill in a word length declaration form declaring the word length.

Supervisors vary in how they nominate examiners. Copyright law applies to theses and dissertations written by students as part of their studies in the same way as it applies to other copyright works.

It should be adequately referenced. From your point of view, the main function of this form is that it starts the process of appointing your examiners and chairperson for your viva. Thesis presentation and reference management Tracing theses and current research Copyright law applies to theses and dissertations written by students as part of their studies in the same way as it applies to other copyright works.


Most supervisors will want to discuss the choice of examiners with their students and so you should raise the issue with your supervisor when you start to think about writing-up your thesis. Third party declaration form Word – 21KB. You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend.

An thedis applies for research which has been jointly funded with a commercial sponsor It is important for authors of theses restricted under an Option C restriction to be submsision and to respond to emails sent out in relation to requests.

thesis submission bham

An electronic copy to your School for submossion Turnitin check. When submitting the thesis the postgraduate researcher must also acknowledge the contribution the ‘third party’ editor has made, by stating for example ‘this thesis was copy edited for conventions of language, spelling and grammar by ABC Editing Ltd’. The electronic copy for the Turnitin check should be submitted at the same time as you submit your paper copies for examination.

Thesis submission and examination

A PDF or other electronic copy will also be required and will normally be made available via the University eTheses Repository.

This should be a member of staff who is not your supervisor or co-supervisor. Submission of this form with your thesis helps with the planning of degree congregations. In any case, the University Code of Practice says that you should be able to comment on the choice of examiners before the Research Students Tutor signs off the nominations form.

This allows your examiners to see easily what you have done – and pass your wubmission quickly – and also serves as a checklist for you to see that you have covered everything.

Notice of intention to submit Word – 40KB Your supervisor will sign to acknowledge your intended submission date and forward the form to the RSA team. Encourages researchers in your field to read your work and cite it in their own research Boosts your academic profile and the potential impact of your work Helps support the wider international scholarly agenda around providing open access to academic content For PGR students bha, have received an UKRI studentship it ensures compliance with their terms and conditions around access to the final thesis Helps ensure the thesis is indexed by anti-plagiarism software programmes to prevent fraudulent re-use.


A metadata record will exist for the thesis on the eTheses Repository shortly after submission.

Thesis binding at the University of Birmingham

The internal examiner is usually from the School of Computer Science, but this is tesis a requirement. For a PhD this is three years full-time or its part-time equivalent. Worth looking through early to give you ideas later. Please note that it you are posting your thesis, it must by received by Research Student Administration by your submission deadline.

Submitting your Thesis (and Graduating)

Once an Option D Embargo expires, the thesis will revert to becoming subject to the terms of Option A, B or C depending on the preference indicated by the author. You will still have hot-desk access to Roomfor example for making corrections after your viva.

thesis submission bham

As it takes some time to organise the examination of your thesis, we ask that you notify us at least three months in advance of the date that you intend to submit your thesis. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and is a serious academic offence.

The School Research Student Administrator will assist you in this. You need to talk to the internal examiner to find out how she or he wants the corrections presented to them. You may find that if you give insufficient notice of a submission there will be a delay in sending your thesis for examination. To submit your thesis, you must ensure that you complete and submit the following documents with the copies of your thesis: Vivas are arranged by the internal examiner.

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