As the time changed so the thoughts and perspectives of them also changed. Draupadi refuses to wash herself or wear her clothes. S and leaves behind Dan because of a sense of filial piety, marries Mahesh as a good daughter should, attempts to be a full time wife and house maker as an Indian pativrata should. But the moment he lifts his mask Devi discerns, that he too was infatuated with her. It is natural for a woman to be proud of her sexuality but society prevents her from feeling such pride.

One day, the same music invites the anger of her father-in-law, when he finds all things undone in the prayer room. What can I do about the sins of your previous birth?. Help Center Find new research papers in: The cultural climate in India at the moment: They feel that a woman is an equal competion to man. You are commenting using your Twitter account. All the threesuffer but it is Sita who wins the race.

The most recent lynching, of a boy called Junaid travelling on a train, has gutha even had this alleged excuse. Her relationship with Baba gradually becomes stronger.

So, this title perfectly and appropriately fits to the story of the novel. It is a scathing criticism on the pathetic state of women in this society. It sides with the patriots rather than realizing this image is iconic. Finally, I will mention some metaphors used by Hariharan, but since this should be a subject to a wider analysis, I will keep my ideas very short.


I have made my very few choices It is both reality and ideal. Korean Literature and Returning Catastrophe. She holds the family together then and continues to care for Mahesh and his house even when Devi walks out on them. She changesthings according to her own choice.

She tries to portray the custom ridden Indian society, especially in the southern part of India. Log In Sign Up.

Mythology and reality in Githa Hariharan’s “The thousand faces of night”

As a result women have to write themselves into discourses. Sign in to write a comment. If history and politics are male discourses mythology becomes a female domain.

The Thousand Faces of Night. She presents a chain of events related to men and women, love and death and emotions as well as painful loneliness.

Mythology and reality in Githa Hariharan’s “The thousand faces of night”

These facts are incorporated by the women writers. Being a woman does not mean a glorious future of motherhood for Devi, it only makes her feel alienated from her own body. What unites Mayamma and Devi is their bleeding bodies?. Was the murder of the gariharan influential writers, rationalists and activists Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, and M.

thesis on githa hariharan

She talks about Gandhari, Amba and Ganga who are less known to the contemporary learners instead of talking about Sita and Savitri. She had torn her respectability, her very name to shreds Uma the cousin of Devi, girha into a household of drunken husband and father-in-law, who even misbehaves and his attitudes makes her to leave her household. At the same time she has adapted herself to the male materialism.


“When Bodies Speak,” by Githa Hariharan | World Literature Today

I think such solidarity meant a great deal to the writers protesting. Yet, Mayamma never once questioned these atrocities, never raised a voice or a finger or tried to run away from this living hell.

Their novels reflect that in the present age women haverealised that they are neither helpless nor dependent. She was harriharan in Coimbatore and received a liberal education harihran leading public institutions in Bombay, Manila and United States. One is handsome; another is a scholar. In a very off-hand manner he brushes it off. The gift Draupadi receives from a womanizing god is, ironically, cloth that will keep her body covered. Through tbesis novels they spread the message of what actually feminism is.

The two choices Devi has made results in non-fulfilment. She intersperses it with myth and folklore with the social status of women within the boundaries of time, space and region.

thesis on githa hariharan

Kanhailal was also the force behind the Kalakshetra Manipur, a group aspiring to a sharper cultural creativity harihraan would combine the power of austerity, silence, and the body.

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