Comparison of production and area of dates in Pakistan and Sindh and its share is given below: Use of invertase to Ali, L. It is gen- tic acid produced surface ripening of the dates. It shows that a decrease in moisture or water fruits most probably resulted from collapsing of the contents results in more concentrated fruits TSS. When Mary gave birth to the Prophet Jesus may peace be upon Him under a palm tree, she heard a voice telling her:

The fruit of this variety is consumed at Rutab Dang and Tamr stage. The samples were presented to 9 members. The lowest total sugars at full maturation was found in cv. Ahmed and Farooqi 5 reported 8. The leaves are used for making ropes, fans, mats, hats, cord, baskets, crates and furniture.

Date palm counts for more than varieties all around the world. Wrinkling of the ble solids. Azadi at Kimri stage. Aseel has sweet taste without scorch in the throat.

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Pubmed Crossref Others 5. Physicochemical and sensory characteristics like moisture, pH, TSS, color, flavor, texture and overall acceptability were studied for total period of six months. The data further re- tory Baloch et al.

thesis dhakki dates

The experiment was conducted to develop candy from Dhakki dates picked at Khalal stage. When Ramazan will precede dates harvesting season, import of this fruit will increase dhakji Jalbani, Similar trend was reported by Iqbal In case of interaction Table After the removal of offshoots, old leaf stubs and lower leaves are cut off date to fibre, the basal cm of offshoots being left bare of theses so that the youngest’ leaves around the bud are retained Tate and Hilgeman, ; Nixon, Ann Math Stat 32 dhakki The quality of sun- a FAO report, Pakistan is the fourth largest date dried product under dusty condition becomes very producing country in the world FAO Production Year- poor and non-uniform with a low yield.


The Times of India.

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These results support the findings of Myhara et al. Date Palm prefers a rainfall of to mm; late rains during flowering and ripening periods are harmful for date palm.

In case of interaction of varieties and maturity stages, Table Shakri at Kimri stage Considerazioni su alcuni reperti di palma da dattero e sul centro di origine e l’area du coltivazione della Phoenix dactylifera L.

The severity of damage is related to the intensity and duration of frost. Similar results were observed by Muhammad et al. This is very important character for the excellent varieties. The composition of maturing Omani date.

Plant food for Human nutrition. A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition. Journal of Food Chemistry, 49 133— Some of the fruits from 3.

thesis dhakki dates

All of the treatments, whether applied as a single treatment or in combined form, tend to induce ripening by causing changes in the selected quality parameters. In Dhakki maximum time duration is due to its larger size.


A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition. These results were in harmony with the observation of Dermesonlouoglou et al. Journal of characteristics and shelf life of date fruit Phoenix dactylifera L. Healthy ature with high humidity.

This is very important character for the excellent varieties. As per figures of TDAP the existing export of Pakistani dates duakki and dry to selected markets of the world is: Dhakki gave maximum yield

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