If not, how do you cope? Additional concepts were cited for the recommendations for further study of the faring component and different topics were also suggested for a different perspective of the study. As for health concerns, the environment makes the drivers prone to airborne diseases and diseases that specifically target the lungs. What is your daily schedule? Skip to main content. Among those woes were the economic problems that most Filipinos faced. The action of reaching backward as evaluated from the task analysis was proven to be unnecessary and through biomechanics it was verified that it exceeds the allowable shoulder abduction of 30 degrees.

The jeepney drivers rallied and held strikes until the ban was lifted. Toughest Place to be a Saves whatever can be saved. Boundary — P b. Spiritualist healers, albularyo, use of herbs, etc. Abstract This paper compares the frequently related diseases among the Jeepney drivers around Recto and Katipunan areas. Are you the breadwinner?

Or how many people are dependent in you?

Thesis about jeepney drivers – Professor Assignment

How do you budget it? The study will concern surveys mainly structured interviews and some questionnairesobservations on the life of a jeepney driver in the road, and utilization of documents and secondary materials, if any. jeepeny

thesis about jeepney drivers

It was found out that generally, to be filled after results are finalized Purpose of the Study The study aims to obtain sight or further knowledge of the effects of the air pollution to the health and income allotment of jeepney drivers by comparing drivers driving around Recto from the drivers druvers the UP-Katipunan route. Or how many people are dependent in you?

In that episode, the woes of the jeepney driver were heard. With driers smaller size, compared to a bus, for easy maneuverability along with its seating capacity, the jeepney is an economical mode of transport. Essay about philippine government jeepney. Results and discussion a Results from the Interviews The following data are based on the interviews conducted to the jeepney drivers of both Recto and Katipunan drivers.


With the use of the mannequin and its different positions, the objective of arriving at a modified workplace design was accomplished. If so, how big is your family? Only the willing jeepney drivers will be included zbout this study.

From the results of RULA, biomechanics and task analysis, the prototype achieved its objective. To obtain these information, the method that will be used is the interview of jeepney drivers, on site. Among those woes were the economic problems that most Filipinos faced. By Calyd Cerio and Calyd Cerio. Table 1 provides the guide questions for the interview. By Mark Kenneth Gamez. Pagkatapos ng pasada, hindi ako makahiga dahil sa back keepney.

And it seemed like these drivers were not as poor as we first thought. A study conducted by Jo Anne G.

Set of Questions for the Interview 1. Toughest Place to be a With its smaller size, compared to a bus, for easy maneuverability along with its seating capacity, the jeepney is an economical mode of transport.

thesis about jeepney drivers

Conceptual Framework This study is done in the context that health inequalities are a complex problem with multiple factors that are difficult to categorize in terms of its correlation to poor health.

A widespread lack of education especially regarding scientific topicsleading to easy misinformation, leading to case study 75 acquired immunodeficiency syndrome totally wrong ideas about a technical topic, and potentially leading to abput decisions regarding that topic Write an essays about dog red news essay topics in urdu.


Also, it can also be hypothesized that the drivers would prioritize other expenditures such as food, water, and shelter as health is generally secondary to expenditures and generally not thought of as an immediate need; this is compounded with the fact that culturally, Filipinos are prone to self medicating and using alternative forms of healing ie.

An ergonomic study on the workplace efficiency improvement for the jeepney drivers in Metro Manila In terms of the number of the drivers to be interviewed, only five 5 drivers will be interviewed. The relationship between air pollution and non communicable diseases such as cough, pulmonary diseases and respiratory diseases has long been established. This would mean that they would have to meet this required amount, and then deduct other expenses such as gas and oil from their remaining revenue.

These areas were cited due to the similarities of the areas. Wife is a sales lady in SM.

How do you feel about your health? History of the Philippine Jeepney. This is proven by the existence of certain boundary systems and Jeepney associations that exist in certain areas or stopping points of the routes that the drivers are obligated to join.

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