Besides, they are not what Lucy has achieved at the end of the novel. Since the moment her brothers are born, her parents start making plans for them to go to university in England and become doctors or lawyers. My parents have said many hurtful things in the past. When I was a child I liked to read. In fact, what distinguishes his work from that of other scholars in the field is his emphasis on working through trauma, that is, the need to overcome trauma over and above the denial or the compulsive repetition of the traumatic event. In his work Writing History, Writing Trauma , Dominick LaCapra makes an important distinction between structural trauma and historical trauma.

Sometimes our biased view gets in the way of resolution and peace. I picked up both, and I opened the book. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Nostalgia and Narrative in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy. My analysis of the novel will thus take into account not only trauma as theme but also these more formal concerns as well. Reading this story helped me view past situations with my mother in an unbiased perspective.

the estrangement by jamaica kincaid thesis

One of the most basic and kijcaid bonds women form with each other is that of a mother and daughter. Jamaica Kincaid grew up in Antigua and was raised by a father who was never there and a mother who gave all her attention to her brothers. Let us create the best one for you! Even though she came to terms with the past, she copes with her experiences through writing books.


Differences notwithstanding, what Delrez says in tje context of contemporary postcolonial Australia can be extrapolated to the situation in the States at the time the action of Lucy unfolds. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Afro-Caribbean Writers and the Question of Diaspora.

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What Mariah welcomes as a pleasing manifestation of the arrival of spring, evokes in Lucy an experience of an altogether different nature. I picked up both, and I opened the book. Kincaid’s tight, lyrical prose guides the reader through memories of her mother and her childhood. She completed her secondary education in Antigua, a country that is still under the British system, due to Antigua’s status as a British colony until She also recalls how, around the time she was leaving Mariah, she had told her that her life stretched out ahead of her like a book of blank pageswhich had prompted Mariah to give her a notebook.

The Johns Hopkins University Press, She did not hug me.

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She should not have thrown away her intelligence. Earlier in the novel Lucy reveals she carries letters from family and friends inside her brassiere: Chelsea House Publishers, One of the reasons why structural trauma cannot be cured is its ambivalence, the mixture of anxiety and elation it evokes.

Books brought me the greatest satisfaction. It was from a feeling of hatred. She recounts how, now as a mom, she, too, has her complex relationships with her children.

the estrangement by jamaica kincaid thesis

This is no easy process. Like several other contemporary writers, Jamaica Kincaid practises serial autobiography Gilmore Remember me on this computer. It was not from feelings of love and longing that I did this; quite the contrary.


Some have a friend type of relationship while others have a role model type of relationship. In the last analysis, it is in each and everyone of those who have suffered it that historical trauma can be worked through. My parents have said many hurtful things in the past.

Critics like Laura Niesen de Abruna, Moira Ferguson and Giovanna Covi, writing shortly after the novel was published, already pointed out the close connection between the story of coming of age of the homonymous protagonist and the history of dispossession of her native Caribbean island. Being estranged from someone is becoming a stranger. At kinaid sight of it, many thoughts rushed through me, kincaaid I could write down only this: No similar future is planned out for Lucy, who begins to call her mother to herself Mrs Judas: She became increasingly distant from her mother.

How to cite this article: By changing the names and the circumstances of her protagonists from novel to novel, she lays bare a central feature of traditional autobiography: At the top of the page I wrote my full name: It showed me that the way children think towards their moms are usually biased and are not what the world sees.

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