Nama dan Alamat Pemeriksa Luar: Macmillan x Measured drawings Author Year. However, limited use of footnotes is allowed for theses in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. Footnotes are recorded using Arabic numeric and numbered consecutively. Pemilihan struktur model mengunakan kaedah algoritma genetik yang diubahsuai MGA dicadangkan dalam kajian ini bagi mengurangkan masalah konvergens pramatang dalam algoritma genetik mudah 2. They should be arranged using one of the methods discussed in Chapter 3. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The title page should not use bold letters. Do not use BOLD letters. One of the methods below can be used when citing: If necessary, data used for analysis, example of questionnaires, maps, photographs and other materials which are lengthy to be included in the text or materials that are not required implicitly to clarify matters discussed can be accompanied as appendix. Click here to sign up. Rosmawati Mion , June Title of the patent.

A caption should be located at the bottom of the figure. Hardcopy should be produced using a laser printer or similar quality machines.

New UTM Thesis Format | Nur Azaliah Abu Bakar

The advantage of using notes is that explanatory type of information can be presented along with source citations on the same page or place. An abstract is different from synopsis or summary of a thesis. For illustrations other than above, please refer to the following guidelines; i Photographs Photographs should be digitally embedded in the text unless absolutely impossible.


Di samping itu, penggunaan carian tempatan dalam MGA untuk menambah baik algorithma tersebut dicadang dan dikaji, dinamai sebagai algoritma memetic MA.

New UTM Thesis Format

Doctor of Philosophy Thesis A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy tormat 6. Name of Institution; Year Example: The the sis is the p ro p e rty o f Unive rsiti Te kno lo g i Ma la ysia. Sindiket judi haram tumpas. ETD must be submitted using high quality CD.

sps utm thesis format

Example of a List of References thesos author and year system is shown in Appendix X. Each paragraph must describe an issue or subject.

Faculty of Mechanical Ugm Red g. Kesan penggunaan gabungan operator MGA yang berbeza ke atas prestasi model yang terbentuk dikaji dan keberkesanan serta kekurangan MGA diutarakan. Examples are as follow: Skip to main content. Example can be seen in Appendix H. If the status declaration form is not submitted or the form is incompletely filled, the University will assume the thesis is unrestricted and therefore the library will make tesis copies of the thesis available for distribution as published academic exchange materials.

The title of a chapter should be typed using capital letters and centred. Title of the legislation.


sps utm thesis format

In particular, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to my main thesis supervisor, Professor Dr. The cover colours and their codes should be as follows: Faculty of Built Environment Purple b. Edition if not the first.

See example in Appendix L.

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Notes such as footnotes, final notes, and others. Make good, clear agreements with the supervisor and draw up a timetable.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Yellow e. He is a staff of Faculty of Education and his staff number is Therefore: Flow chart of the preparation process is shown in Figure 5.

sps utm thesis format

Evolutionary Design and Manufacturing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The second file is the full text file. Chapters and their sub-sections must be given titles. Thus these are unreliable sources of reference. A model structure selection based formaf modified genetic algorithm MGA has been proposed in this study to reduce problems of premature convergence in simple GA SGA.

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