Southron Ambitions is both true and untrue. He gets a better deal from two powerful houses and agrees to it due to the fact that the war will almost certainly be fought in the Riverlands. Second, Brandon’s actions probably put them on a bad foot politically – Rhaegar seizing Lyanna is something you can rally the lords against, because they all have an interest in royalty not interfering with marriage alliances. Otherwise, you don’t do this, because gaining or retaining influence with your own vassals is more important. The lack of marriages are a glaring issue for the STAB alliance theories, not only because the great houses themselves lacked actual marriage and blood ties between them including two betrothals which went years without being sealed by marriage , but because the great lords of the Riverlands, Vale, and Stormlands all had bannermen they could have won over to their cause with marriages, and yet every single important player in these great houses remained unmarried until months into the war, when Jon and Ned wed Lysa and Catelyn. A conspiracy against the Iron Throne makes no sense from the point of view of the Citadel.

They tend to us when we are sick and injured, or distraught over the illness of a parent or a child. We recommend avoiding these discussions until you’re caught up. Hundreds of challengers attended, including representative from all the major Houses of Westeros. If we accept Varys or someone else to be a part of this, giving Aerys the idea to demand Robert too and place the Stormlands into the camp of Arryn and Stark is just the move you want to make – or not to make, if you are a Targaryen king facing a rebellion. He never wanted her, I promise you that. The White Swords had come, to welcome a new brother to their ranks.

Marrying others is only useful in two cases: Hope to see you there! Their ambitions are inherent in the nature of feudalism and geographical distance doesn’t really matter. So all the issue we know of come about a decade after Ned and Robert began to be fostered with Jon, and they all have to do with things that were done a decade after Ned and Robert began to be fostered with Jon.


Jon Arryn brokered the alliance with House Tully by marrying Lysa, and now the alliance was four houses strong.


Why would the Maesters be conspiring to do away with the Iron Throne? It’s unlikely that they had a change of dynasties in mind; that turn of events was Aerys’ doing when he killed Rickard and Brandon and demanded Robert and Eddard.

And the works much better with the Iron Throne than without it.

With the Targaryens gone there is actually no reason the Citadel has to keep it a secret that they always loathed these people – if that was the case. Winter is Coming 1 year And the meek shall inherit Westeros: For us in the real world it is Martin asking us to ask ourselves if, in a world in which magic is real, would the rationalist ideas of the Enlightenment be all for the better?

With the exception of the latter, they seem to have taken kind of a friendship out of this war.

southron ambitions essay

Log in or sign up in seconds. If this big plan was ever constructed like that, it clearly failed.

(Spoilers All) Southron ambitions seems incompatible with Northern culture. : asoiaf

Posted September 14, Sorry, but my inbox is closed right now. But one question remains unanswered still: Marwyn indicates ambjtions maesters may have killed the last dragons the dragons in the Dance killed each other or were killed by a mad mob sluthron he apparently believes Sam and Aemon may have been in danger because of their knowledge about Daenerys and the dragons – revealing that the dragons are the issue, not the Targaryens and their descendants and cousins.

Perhaps the Greatjon said it best. House Tyrell was a known Targaryen loyalist and therefore could not smbitions trusted, and though Maester Walys was a Flowers from the Reach, he did not try to bring House Hightower of Oldtown into the alliance, probably because of House Tyrell.


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southron ambitions essay

They are the embodiment of all of these things in their minds. Posted September 14, edited. The relations between the three houses of Baratheon, Stark and Arryn were stronger than most relations in the Seven Kingdoms ever become. All story information must be hidden. So I think the Southron Ambitions conspiracy’s ultimate goal was to either 1. True, Tywin was Hand of the King, but his relationship with Aerys was strained, and he could probably be won to the other side if wooed.

Tywin could have saved the Targaryen regime had he received it. It is a coalition eouthron can push the ambitions of all of them.

Game of Thrones Theorycrafting: Southron Ambitions

Or are they simply Rickard Stark’s desire to travel South during the really rough parts of Winter because his bones are aching and he doesn’t quite feel as young as he used to and he would like to see some hot Dornish ladies in the southdon equivalent of bikinis before his idiot son and heir does something stupid with that old-gods-damn juvenile temper and complete lack of foresight and the tempertantrum in question puts Rickard in a position where he has to deal with problems he believed he was done dealing with once BenJen was chamberpot-trained?

Now, some things about this are odd.

southron ambitions essay

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There was one piece missing: What did Walys know? Aside from cultural isolation, the North is geographically isolated.

Of course, they don’t! When you follow it up with he was only a “Lannister crony” from the moment Tywin showed his awesome leadership from, what?

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