I was just thinking how appropriate this ending is, especially of Tony dies. Like the fourth season of Lost, once Chase had a set deadline and structure, everything fell into place. I was just expecting more to happen seeing as how things were winding down. Not sure I agree but interesting nonetheless. The editing suggests the exact opposite. At last a way to handle my Sopranos withdrawal symptoms!

Remember that Tony B. A scene that shocked me was when Tony killed Christopher. As viewers, we will never know what happens next, just as Tony will never know because of his death. Just one thing though is there a long gap between your analysis and our comments there to further reiterate your point. It could be reasoned that the MOJ man knows that the opening to the Right of Tony will be blocked soon by Meadow when she arrives. Season Six kills off half of the main cast! Its a great analysis but I think you are ignoring the rather large elephant in the room — it is up to each viewer to decide how they think the story will play out.

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While his family is still around him, the other family is gone, plain and simple, with the exception of Paulie. The other is at his temple, where he is about to get shot? I remember reading years back that Chase was reading up on Buddhism right around the time the sixth season started to film. Suddenly, the image of Tracee walking towards him pops into his head. Everything is revealed, nothing is hidden. Diseertation fact, he demonize him more in the final few seasons.

On a less serious note — a major kudo to Simon for the genius pairing of Journey in the final scene. Adrianna has been gone for sometime while the Christopher murder is much fresher. I see it in a much deeper context.


Tony looks and we cut to the church bells from his POV. When I heard it I immediately recalled that the only other character I ever heard respond to a question with the same exact words spoken in the same exact fashion.

One detail that I feel was important was that discussion Tony had with Agent Harris.

A circle is a symbol of infinity. I agree with you. So instead of onion-ring eating and laughs to sopramos the show happily, Chase decides to cut to black because even this happy ending disgusted him.

In front of his family and with his head, even if accidentally, crushed, and thus, leaving Phil unable to have an open-coffin funeral. I think most of the clues from before season 4 are coincidental though since Chase is on record as saying that he thought of sopganos ending during the break between seasons 4 and 5.

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MOJ man seized the moment and is merely working out the details of the hit when he glances in the direction of Tony. However, Milka Ternina has not become silent until today, since the most beautiful falls of the Plitvice Lakes which always whirr and babble, are named after her.

We propose a methodology of textual analysis that, based on cognitivist theorists, will serve as a mechanism to better understand the construction of the anti-hero and to investigate the effects of authorial decisions on viewers. Yet, once again, Tony kills a family member with his own hand.


The Sopranos

Becuase the rise and fall of the gangster is not the real story here. I loved how you tied the final episode in with the beginning of the sixth season.

sopranos ending dissertation

She recognised only one pupil- the great Zinka Kunc Milanov, to whom she said: Vorausdeutende Cliffhanger und der Blackscreen. Overall a very strong season with a very controversial ending which of course everyone here knows about. You can see the girlfiend look up for a second when she says this.

sopranos ending dissertation

One is, his gut has to tell him, Tony was thinking of killing him on the boat, in Remember When. So there was no reason to end the show like this. I think he wanted it to be like Godfather, heavy with Shakespearean grandeur and it was just beyond the scope of endign and the subject. With this ending, as wonderfully explained here, Chase gets to have sopranks cake and eat it, too.

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You can send me an e-mail if you want to know more. MOG looks over again and Chase cuts to Tony smiling and looking down: Chase has given us a gift to be pored over and discussed forever. Please also see update below this paragraph regarding an accidental admission by Chase as well as Chase commenting about this very site in Brazil in !

sopranos ending dissertation

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