Retrieved 10 December — via YouTube. Srinagar is one of several Mughal Gardens , which were laid out in several parts of undivided India when the Mughals reigned over the subcontinent. The journey from innocence to betrayal reaches its final stages through the pathway of complete destruction. Salman Rushdie, Shalimar the Clown, London: So even the idyllic setting of a small remote village of Kashmir is not immune to this effect of different worlds colliding, exploding and unsettling its social and cultural fabric, its identity as well as the identity of its people. Midnight’s Children film with Deepa Mehta. This appointment eventually leads to his unspecified role in relation to American counter-terrorism.

Boonyi was but a simple, naive village girl with big dreams in her eyes that were terribly misdirected. Retrieved 10 December Jason Cowley, ‘From here to Kashmir’, p. And thus unfolds the tragic events of the tale. Shalimar is also the name of one of the characters featured in the novel. Marco Roth, ‘Give the People what they want’, Rev. It was a Kashmiri story.

The Guardian Weekly, Vol. She no longer saw this as an American story.

shalimar the clown essay

When they et, they fell in love, and only when they had 14 years they got married. Kashmir was once a paradise on earth where all people, Muslim an Hindu lived together.

Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Like her mother who left home and family for the sake of a false and borrowed identity, India leaves for Kashmir in quest of her true identity. Shalimar was deeply in love with Boonyi and couldn’t bear her betrayal.


shalimar the clown essay

Her existence gives a new twist to the revenge tale of Shalimar, for her presence makes his revenge incomplete, for early in the story Shalimar had vowed that if Boonyi ever betrayed him, he would not only kill her and her lover but also the child if any from the relationship. After killing Boonyi ruthlessly in cold blood, he becomes free to pursue his zhalimar target. Russia, America, London, Kashmir. His real name was Oman, but later the shaimar describes the reason of him being called like that.

With the help of his assistant, he gets her a flat in Delhi, and an affair blossoms. Today the world is a globalised essy where borders have ceased to exist.

Shalimar the Clown Salman Rushdie

At a young age, he falls in love with a beautiful Kashmiri Pandit girl, named Boonyi. The world was no longer calm.

It was the place full of happiness and peace. Maximilian, the coown of Ashkenazi Jews, was raised in France.

She returns not as India but as Kashmira: The Enchantress of Florence.

shalimar the clown essay

Although a number of narratives and incidents in the novel revolve around Kashmir, the novel opens in Los Angeles. Shalimar the Clown is a novel by Salman Rushdie. Works by Salman Rushdie. Views Read Edit View history. Listening to the Iron Mullah, he realizes that: Her presence is an indication by the author that Kashmir will not be lost; it will emerge from the darkness into the light of true freedom and hope for all its people, a new life.


It is a life and world of innocence that is betrayed by its own people, and slowly walks down the path to destruction as embodied in the life of Shalimar, the protagonist and his village, Pachigam.

The village elders agree to the marriage and all seems teh, except that Boonyi doesn’t want to remain stuck in this small village.

Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar The Clown by Devasree Chakravarti

The performance is only a pretext for Ophuls to get close to Boonyi. Its Meaning and Significance’.

He devotes the rest of his life to taking revenge on the people that were the cause of his unhappiness. The novel is based partly in a small town in the region of Kashmir. Shalimar evades the authorities and eventually returns to India’s home, with the intention of killing her. Rushdie here indicates the pathetic situation of the people of Kashmir who have to bear the atrocities of both the terrorists as well as the forces. Shortly after their marriage Bonny moved to anaphora place because she wanted to become famous dancer and there she met her second choice, Max Pulls, who fell in with her and got her apartment in Delhi.

Of Shalimar the Clown.

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