Your thesis will be available online on the digital library repository and on the web approximately five to six weeks following convocation. Must be a minimum of 10 points. You retain copyright to your thesis and may make it available on a personal website and pursue other sources of publication. Check with your supervisor for discipline-specific formatting. International Postdocs New to Toronto? You will also have access to U of T’s T-Space with access to any collections, including the Theses collection. Theses ordered through ProQuest will not be delivered until after your convocation; ProQuest will charge you in US dollars, and you will be liable for shipping costs and duty.

George, please visit uoft. Overall, it is important to submit an ETD that has a consistent and readable appearance. The data you have already entered will be stored until you come back to the submission. For these, the page numbers should be placed in the centre, half an inch from the bottom edge of the page. The “Lab” Model The purpose of this SGS-hosted roundtable is to share ideas and experiences on alternate models of supervision — especially in cases where faculty are supervising a large number of doctoral students writing dissertations. The accepted order of pages within the preliminary section of the thesis follows:.

Consistency in style and formatting of a thesis is essential. Our persistent URLs are registered with the Handle System, a comprehensive system for assigning, managing, and resolving persistent identifiers, known as “handles,” for digital objects and other resources on the Internet. See Sample of Title Page below. If you intend to restrict the release date of your ETD, please submit a restrict thesis release date form to SGS dated and signed by your graduate unit chair.

International Postdocs New to Toronto? Discuss restriction with your supervisor and the chair of your graduate unit if you think restriction might be appropriate.


Doctoral Examinations & Schedule

Dissertation writing can also be an isolating experience where students work largely on their own. Must be at least one-and-a-half spaces, except for the thesis abstract, which should be double-spaced. Interested in Grad Xgs at U of T? To book svs at 63 St. SGS recommends scheduling regular consultations with the supervisor, attending formal dissertation writing seminars when offered, and joining student-organized groups to gain support and a sense of community.

George and 65 St.

You can register as a digital library repository user at any time, but to submit an ETD, you must first provide the Doctoral Examinations or Master’s Office with the following written confirmation letter or email from your supervisor for minor corrections or the convenor of your modifications committee for minor modificationsthat your thesis is in final form and approved.

If there is any problem with your submission, you will be given instructions. If applicable, submit a hard copy of the “restrict release” form. Be sure to give the name of the application you used to create the file and the version of that application, e. Check with your supervisor for discipline-specific formatting. Single spacing may be used for long quoted passages and footnotes.

Producing Your Thesis

Support Structures for Graduate Writing Gradlife blog. If the system does not automatically recognize the format of the file you have uploaded, you will be asked to select the appropriate format from the list offered. The following guidelines apply to the main text-based thesis file: The roundtable includes a working lunch, with five presenters speaking for about five minutes each, followed by a broad conversation.

Publishing Page Content 1. Page Order The accepted order of pages within the preliminary section of the thesis follows: The utironto will discuss the “lab model,” where conventional one-on-one meetings are supplemented by creative mentoring approaches, where students being supervised by a single faculty member form a research community.


George, please visit uoft.

sgs utoronto thesis

If you are restricting the release of your thesis, you must provide us with a restrict release form, signed by your chair outlined in the following paragraph. Supplementary files should follow the same naming convention:. Accordingly, theses will be released after each convocation, and will be freely available to the public in an online environment.

The accepted order of pages within the preliminary section of the thesis follows:. These templates assist you with the formatting and production of your thesis, but you must ensure that your thesis meets SGS formatting requirements. There are a few more steps to ktoronto your degree thesiis and be eligible to graduate in the next convocation ceremony. SGS also offers workshops to help thesie the logistical aspects of writing a dissertation and writing groups for students to help one another.

Make any corrections or modifications to the thesis as required by your supervisor or final oral examination committee.

Please take the following steps to ensure completion of all requirements: The preferred location for footnotes is either at the bottom of the page or at the end utooronto the chapters to which they refer. This Area is Recommended for.

sgs utoronto thesis

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