Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list choose a membership plan. Why do you think Keiko’s roll was important? Many people all across Japan, and many parts of Tarumi were affected. Kenzo killed himself for many reasons, many are which implied in the book. Her understanding of this, was finally obtained when she talked to Stephen. There is always some tension between the Japanese people and Stephen because he is Chinese, but it helps him realize which relationships are important enough to keep. These different events over the course of her experiences with leprosy took her time and understanding, to realize that she is amazing just the way she is.

Asian American Culture , Novel Pages: Sachi is a prime example of this, because she left Tarumi in shame and she feels she could never return because of her history. What about him is more universal? Choose three events in the story that would be dramatically altered if the story was told from a different point of view. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Her past history of leprosy, affected her in an abundant number of ways. When Stephen reaches over and touches her face, she is awestruck, because she thought people were scared of her, yet he touched her face. Final Test – Hard.

Discussion Questions – The Samurai’s Garden

Please use excerpts during which Stephen paints or discusses painting, along with descriptions of the garden, as support. Final Test – Easy. Throughout her life, Sachi is ashamed at what the leprosy has made her look, and thus she covered herself with a scarf.

This makes the title very important to the story. Her understanding of this, gardeb finally obtained when she talked to Stephen.

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Eight Week Quiz G. But Kenzo feels betrayed when he finds out about Sachi and Matsu’s relationship, and ends his life instead of reaching out to Matsu to try to understand.

The Samurai’s Garden Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

It shows Matsu and Sachi’s personalities embodied by their gardens and it also shows how Stephen fits into the picture. She was separated from Stephen by differences in nationality, and in the back of their minds they both knew they could never work out. But as the reader learns more about the two men, Matsu is really the one taking care of Kenzo in his own quiet way.

In the beginning of her leprosy, Sachi knew that it would isolate her and make her a stranger in society, so, because of this, she hid it from everyone.

samurais garden essay topics

When Kenzo hangs himself in the present, what is his reason? We will occasionally send you account related emails. The leprosy makes people change who they are and is an obstacle that takes Sachi, most of her adult life, to overcome.

Many people all across Japan, and many parts of Tarumi were affected. Why do you think the author chose to tell the story through the point of view that she did?

Revisiting of Chaos theory Essay. Keiko was important not simply to be Stephen’s love interest, but to show the impact the war was having on the time. Accessed 22 May Matsu has saved a lot of people, but all he can remember are the people he was unable to save, like Kenzo and Tomoko. Matsu and Sachi both have gardens, but Sachi’s is considered a “dry landscape” where as Matsu’s is more like a traditional garden.


As Matsu cared for her, she grew to care for him as well, and that unconditional love Matsu was able to show her, despite her leprosy, freed her to love him as well. He is also very frusturated with his parents and their tlpics, so he begins to think about his family less and less to get away from that, though Pie is still his favorite. During the early stages of her life, Sachi had no troubles, and her life was blissful.

Equality in America Essays. For Keiko and her family, however, Stephen will always simply by the young Chinese man, and so his relationship with Keiko is severed because of the horrors of the war.

Hurdles in Life: Understanding The Samurai’s Garden

Four Week Quiz A. He and Matsu seem to be bonded over an indifference, or hatred even, of the war. What kind of feelings do you think Stephen experienced after returning home to Hong Kongafter the story is over? When one gathers the courage and understanding of that hurdle, they will be able to conquer this inevitable obstacle in their life.

samurais garden essay topics

The author does this by using the theme of everything is now what it looks like and combines that with Stephen’s growing knowledge of Matsu’s past. This leaves Matsu feeling guilty.

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