Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Next, the design of the source follower buffer, common-mode logic stage, as well as the biasing circuitry are examined. Flicker noise is also one of the two main fundamental noise mechanisms for CMOS. There is a buffer included in the reset path to act as a delay. The electronic chip features a novel design that employs a low-bandwidth TIA front-end, double-sampling and equalization through dynamic offset modulation.

In this thesis, an active inductor quadrature voltage controlled oscillator and five stage ring oscillator circuits are proposed to analyze thoroughly with the help of TVRL approach. Finally, it is well known that as the gate length of the transistors decreases, their operation speed increases [63]. The following equations are used to estimate the values of C1, C2, C3, R2, and R3 in the third- order loop filter shown in Figure 6. It is important to note that flicker noise has large low frequency content [23]. The nm CMOS prototypes operate from a supply of 1.

Holistic Design In High-Speed Optical Interconnects

The reference spurs are measured to be — This structure maintains vdo constant energy in the ring to avoid pattern-dependent power droop. Next, the design of the source follower buffer, common-mode logic stage, qiadrature well as the biasing circuitry are examined.

The tuning range covered when the switched-capacitor is turned off for this design, Design B, is different from the tuning range covered for VCO 1 of Design A partially because the presence of the switched-capacitor introduces extra parasitic capacitance, even when turned off, which lowers the frequency.

Cambridge University Press, However, the drawback of the follower buffer is thwsis voltage headroom limitation [33].

Being a critical building block of the PLL, the VCO performs essential functions in the transmission of and reception of data. Another importance of the study of wide-tuning range PLLs is that it is a practical method in dealing with environmental and process variations. Nine circuit implementations with various actively synthesized variable capacitors were done.


Vtune for VCO 1 Figure 3.

Integrated RF oscillators and LO signal generation circuits

A typical wide-tuning-range LC-VCO employs the use of a switched capacitor network for coarse tuning and a varactor for fine tuning, such as in [17,18]. Quadtature differential input variable is connected to a differential pair circuit.

For a bandwidth of about 1MHz, the following values are assumed: As can be seen the design parameter values are different from what was calculated. In the context of phase noise, one should pay special attention thess the quality factor of the tank as any deterioration in the quality factor would adversely 69 affect the phase noise performance.

For symmetry, the 32 switched-capacitor block is implemented using two capacitors and two transistors.

quadrature vco thesis

Some features of this site may not work without it. Andre Ivanov and Dr. It was found that the addition of the source-follower buffer allows the VCO to function at a higher frequency, while the presence of the switched capacitor tends to deteriorate phase noise. The design implemented is the same as that discussed in Section 6. Its low output impedance results in its increased drivability and ability to drive a big load [33].

Quadrature vco thesis

At 8GHz the system consumes 2. In this work, the implementation of wide-tuning-range PLLs is studied. More information and software credits.

Well-designed, high-quality oscillators are normally very amplitude stable, so a t can be considered constant quadratkre time.


quadrature vco thesis

In this design, passive loop filters are used. The difference between QA and QB, however, still represents correctly the input phase or frequency difference. Therefore, the current through each transistor is half of Ibias. Roberto Rosales for the many hours he spent in the lab with me, helping with my measurement setup, as well as his encouragement and support.

Both PMOS- and NMOS-only topologies can provide an output voltage swing greater than the voltage supply with the help of a high tail- 8 current feed-through.

Low power low phase noise CMOS LC quadrature voltage-controlled oscillators

The reason for this is that 40 Design B includes the use of a switched-capacitor placed in parallel with the LC-tank; this switched-capacitor has a fixed capacitance which is present even when the switched- capacitor is off. Thank you for your help, keeping me focused, and most importantly for your kindness and encouragement. The theeis chip size, excluding pads, is 0.

quadrature vco thesis

By finding the time varying roots of polynomials, TVRL can help to estimate the undesired operating points. It is important for PLLs to have dead zone elimination circuitry to ensure that the charge pump always comes on for some amount of time to avoid operating in the dead zone [49].

This is very important in frequency synthesizer applications [60]. A micrograph of the fabricated chip with the two VCO designs outlined and annotated is shown in Figure 5.

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