Depositing Your Thesis in QSpace6. To correct any of the information, click on the corresponding button on the right. For more detailed information see: Insert a copy of the appropriate CC icon from: Published by Marjory Stewart Modified over 3 years ago. Registration Forgot your password?

The institutional repository is built on the DSpace platform and hosted in-house through the ITS department. Please enter as many subject keywords as are appropriate to describe your thesis. Be sure that you understand the licensing agreement that pertains to each of these checked boxes. Once your thesis is approved by the Graduate School and you have NOT selected the option to “restrict from publication”, your thesis will be available on QSpace worldwide within minutes. Create your own flipbook. Select the location and folder you wish to save your thesis in. Questions may evaluate your understanding of the relevant literature, the methods used and their limitations , the significance of your results, and the strength of your conclusions.

If you want to use visuals optionalan overhead projector will be available. Thsis is RefWorks A web-based bibliographic citation manager It allows you to collect, save and organize bibliographic citations to journal articles, books.

E-thesis Service QSpace QSpace Queen’s University Research & Learning Repository.

Given the strict time constraints, overheads maximum. Future Uses of Your Thesis by Others: You will also be asked to indicate whether you will be submitting paper copies of your thesis for binding.


For more detailed information see: Theses may be restricted for a maximum duration of five years.

qspace thesis submission

Questions about the requirements for degree completion please contact: You can either cut and paste an abstract into this box, or you can type the abstract. Name any supplemental files using the following file name syntax: Depositing Your Thesis in QSpace6. Once questioning is finished, the Chair will ask you to leave the room so the committee can discuss your thesis and defence performance.

qspace thesis submission

Naming your thesis file: The Thesis Coordinator will review the formatting of the thesis. You can get more input boxes by clicking on the Add More button.

Questions – contact Thesis Coordinator. Follow the steps to enter the descriptive information about their thesis and upload the PDF file.

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In order for the submission to go smoothly make sure to be prepared with the following: Please enter as many subject keywords as are appropriate to describe your thesis. Registration Forgot your password? You must submit your thesis before booking a slot. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. During the QSpace deposit process a candidate can indicate that their thesis is to be restricted from any public access for a period up to five years.


This defines the uses that other researchers make of your thesis when they access it online. Here is a link to related information about how to submit: Select the location and folder you wish to save your thesis in. Use one input box for each subject word or phrase. In the next screen you will be asked to read and agree to the terms of submission as set out in the license agreements.

Some features of this site may not work without it. If you have any questions about final submission, please let me know.

If you have a problem logging in or at any other step, email the QSpace Coordinator at qspace queensu. This step is optional.

Uploading your thesis to QSpace

Free your energies New Supplier Registration. HelpFor questions about pdf conversion or any part of the submission process, theais the QSpace Coordinator atqspace queensu.

qspace thesis submission

Final marks for Biology will be released along with other course marks by the Registrar.

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