On the north east part of the protected area, some scattered forest loss and non-clustered forest clearing is observed and validated on field. Burning for cow grazing and logging are the most common type of disturbance within the Strict Protection Zone SPZ area. Posted in Mountain Climbing. This is important as in terms of management strategies. By christian joy embudo.

Most earth-observation satellites uses optics and sensors that captures a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum that records earth observation data in the Visible, Near Infrared and microwave spectrum. Please see annex table. It a e observed that there is a clustering of bird density distribution at the inner central part of the protected landscape. The ecological variables served as a baseline study of the protected area and should be treated as an important input in the management by PAMB. It should be of note that majority of the opened area left image of Figure 9 are not all open canopy due to forest extraction such as logging.

The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI is one of the most widely used vegetation metrics to study vegetation in general because remote sensing sensors are designed to see beyond what our eyes can percieve.

Land use is of a huge issue within the protected area as there are a number of identified lai a ts a d thus should e resol ed legall a d ad i istrati el i o ju tio ith the e ologi al findings of this report for a harmonized management strategy. This is one of those rare occasions where in you get out of your regular routine, getting out of the Automatic Pilot Mode like what all people does.

Until recently, the old presidential proclamation has been superseded by the Presidential proclamation or otherwise k o as the Mts. By christian joy embudo.

Enhanced Vegetation Index There are a number of vegetation indices that can be derived by combining different spectral bands to study vegetation.


Species characterized within the SPZ are not physically bound dr the park zonation per se. The general land cover of the protected area is dominated with dense second growth forest and followed by sparse vegetation planted with perennial crops with 10 percent open canopy and a portion of grassland and denuded area. Historical Boundary delineation I.

Assessment of bryophytes in Pico de Loro Nasugbu, Batangas.

Notify me of new comments via email. The ridge that passes from the SPZ to the Recreational down to the Habitat Management Zone is found to have rich plant community diversity and where the plant community is Advance second growth. It a e observed that there is a clustering of bird density distribution at the inner central part of the protected landscape. Forest Loss and Forest Gain Figure 8. Comparison of two proclamation descriptions Mts.

The observation is that this vegetation community is considered as more or less a stable vegetation community as it can be seen in the Mts.

This is the reason why remote sensing sensors are sensitive df to differentiate features on the ground. The more advance the vegetation community is, the higher the plant diversity in a particular transect.

Re-zonation of the park based on the ecological scoring as baseline for determining the most important zone c.

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River and sodium poisoning is also observed and geotagged along the large creek of Maragondon river draining to ternate. This is piico as in terms of management strategies. The map lork Figure 10 shows observed anthropogenic disturbances and a number of them are resource-extractive activities. The understory composition within the observed transects varies from plot to plot. More monitoring sites are needed especially on areas identified as critical in this report particularly on the downstream of Nasugbu and Ternate.


pico de loro thesis

The relative location of the SPZ proximal to the Peak of Pico de Loro places a threat to human activities due to the presence of intensive human exposure. It may be advised to revisit the zonation based on the ecological and anthropogenic stress surrounding the strict protection zone. Notify me of new posts via email. Forest Canopy Figure 9.

Bird distribution and density The number of observed birds were recorded within meters of the transect or as visible or audible for identification. Flora Variables Ffad G as d Figure The area was then computed for the plotted park boundary and was overlaid on every maps produced for this report. The study of this spectral response of material was utilized in discriminating ground features and map land cover within the MPPMNG protected landscape.

A remote sensing study in Similipal, Odisha, India. Using the formula of the NDVI, remote sensing derived images are able to map the spectral response of earth surfaces particularly vegetation in a scale of -1 to 1.

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The 10 year data assessed thesix a period from Mts. Based on the NDVI, every year, the green vegetation as being detected by the satellite goes up during the the wet season and then maintains it for the whole year up until leaves dry or the plant experiences stress and green goes down during the summer period. From a previous study, the EVI value Y axis of the plot of 0.

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