What is the coefficient of sliding friction between the sled and the icy horizontal surface? How much total upward force must be exerted by the cable in order to support the weight of the tightrope walker? Specific impulse wikipedia , lookup. The car is then allowed to roll to the bottom of the incline; a. What velocity will be required to maintain this orbit? What will be the minimum frictional force acting on this person? An infrared sensor system is set up so that two sensors start timing when the infrared beam of the first sensor is blocked and then the timer stops when the beam of the second sensor is blocked.

How far will this car move during these 6. What will be the gravitational force acting on a kg. What will be the direction and magnitude of the velocity of the marble as it reaches the floor? What will be the speed of this ball as it reaches the ground? How much upward force must be applied to this meterstick at the

How much energy will be stored in the spring when the mass comes briefly to a halt? The wind, in turn, is blowing due South with a velocity of How far will the mass have fallen when it stops at the lowest point? The wind is blowing with a velocity of What will be the gravitational potential energy of the crate when it finally stops on the incline?


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The room begins to spin very fast until at some point the floor beneath you “falls out”. The mass M is being lifted upward at a constant speed. What is the minimum speed you would calculate for this block based on these error limits?

How much work will be done in compressing this spring?

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What will be the speed of this ball when it reaches the highest point? You are standing on the top of a building meters tall.

An object, which has a mass of 6. T3 T2 m2 What will be the magnitude of the final velocity v 3 of the first mass after the collision? As a result of the addition of this mass the spring is stretched a distance of cm. What would the maximum radius of Neptune have to be in order for it to become a black hole? What is the magnitude of the applied torque?

What would be the total energy of this rocket while sitting at rest on the surface of Pgysics How far did this car travel during the first 20 seconds? Gravity wikipedialookup.

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What will be the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of this ball? What will be the final kinetic energy of this wheel at the end of the 5. The weight of the engine is lbs. What will be the speed of m2 just as it reaches the floor? The distance between the sensors is measured to be How much work was done against the frictional force as the crate is pushed to the top of the incline?


physics homework #44

T – up and to the left, Fg – straight down 23b. What is the final displacement of the car?

What will be the resulting angular acceleration? What would be the kinetic energy of this rocket while orbiting Callisto at this altitude?

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A ball is thrown upward so that it just barely reaches the top of a telephone pole and then falls back to the ground. What will be the angular acceleration of this disc? What is the magnitude of the normal force FN acting on the sled? You would like to use an inclined plane to push a piano, which weighs lbs. How much work is done on the stopper by the force applied by the string during What is the magnitude of the tension T in the string connecting the two masses?

What is the IMA of this inclined plane?

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