Join TSL today, it’s free. One of the key deciding factors for many people is the location of the providers. Living with families for the majority of the tour allowed me to understand their values and society. It can follow directly on from a qualifying law degree or follow the GDL year for those students who have not undertaken a qualifying law degree. Gradually over the last two years my responsibilities have increased, as I am responsible for the wages of junior members of staff during my shift, as well as having to make sure the kitchen is clean, organised and secure at the end of each shift. These golden foundation topics are:

The more they can make the link to legal careers, the better. Below 60 per cent is classed as Not Competent — a fail. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The first step is getting onto the BPTC. This example personal statement for law must not be replicated. In that same year, only people began pupillage. I would suggest that you do some research here — some providers will say from the outset that they will only consider those who place them first or second.

Log in Sign up. Writing your own personal statement This example personal statement for law must not be replicated. The aplication factor is, of course, the grade you get at the end of the course. Exclusive email syatement, unmissable members-only careers events as well as fpr tips. However, it is clear that a well thought out, concise application form which demonstrates a commitment to the Bar and a strong understanding of what it entails stands the best chance of being successful. However scary this may seem, characters can often be easier to cut out than whole words — try swapping adjectives for shorter descriptions, or taking them out altogether.

I feel the added responsibility that university brings will put me in good stead when eventually seeking employment, possibly in a foreign country as well.

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Join TSL today, it’s free Tags: Throughout your BPTC year you will have assessments on each topic and at the end of the course will get an overall grade of either Outstanding average 85 per cent plus, with no failed modulesVery Competent per cent, with a maximum of one module re-sat and passed on second attempt or Competent per cent.


They need to demonstrate a utilitarian purpose for their law degree once they have graduated. Employment history and qualifications You are limited to listing two past employers.

The first step is getting onto the BPTC.

I have been a member of the school rugby teams for six years, and I currently play wing for the school first XV. Thank you for signing up! A poor performance on the day can lead to no offer being made and it should therefore be taken very seriously — even if you believe you have the best CV and application form sfatement of the cohort you should do your best to prepare.

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Be sure that you can illustrate this — if you have never done a mini pupillage or undertaken any kind of public speaking you may well struggle to demonstrate this commitment. I have heard from many chambers that the provider at which you study your BPTC will not be a factor in their decision for pupillage. This page includes some key information on how to write a law personal statement before offering a step by step guide on what you need to do to get ahead.

personal statement for bptc application

It is best to use your most up to date references, especially if your personak degree was some time ago. Whilst this may not necessarily be true in the long run I distinctly remember getting offers from my top three placesit is certainly not worth risking the loss of an offer by putting your ideal provider in third position.

personal statement for bptc application

I have recently been awarded senior school colours, which adds to my previously awarded junior school colours for commitment to school rugby throughout my school career. After the application If you and accept an offer, you must also make arrangements to join one of the Inns of Court by 31 May of the year in which you will begin your course, as all trainee barristers must be a member of on before they begin personl BPTC.


This is the largest part of the form and is where you have the most freedom to express your answers. This may be equally applicable for those who want to practice in other regions.

personal statement for bptc application

I see lots of things in personal statements that are completely irrelevant for the qualities you need ppersonal a law degree.

TSL is all about providing careers and study advice to law students and graduates. To find out more about the universities and courses you can apply to, head over to our LLB Course directory. Hard facts First, I strongly recommend you be per cent sure that you want to pursue a career at the Bar before you begin any application. Whatever you do, ensure that what you are submitting is a true reflection of your ability — it only takes one spelling mistake to personwl change the impression you create.

It is not strictly true that if you want to practise outside of London you should really study at a regional provider, or vice versa, applicatipn it may be an extra link to show you have a commitment to a particular area of the country.

It needs to be animated, energetic, interesting. The team have enjoyed a successful tour to South America, and managed to get to the quarter-finals of sttement Daily Mail Vase Cup.

How to make your Bar professional training course (BPTC) application

So, how do you become one of the lucky people who gets accepted and enrolled? Ensure that you demonstrate a sound understanding of what you want to do in future and how everything you have achieved so far reflects or assists this.

Those providers ranked below third place will only be released in the second round of applications if you are unsuccessful in the first round. Topics Studying law How to write a personal statement.

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