From that, they can invite them to come home if have any celebration, discussion or study group. Thus by seeing their attitude such as the way they talk, eating and sitting on chair we can see their bad or good mannerism. As a conclusion, a good communication is important in a family, so that the important decision can be make together. Each of family member should take participate to ensure the institution is harmony and happy. So, teenagers in age between years old should listen to parents taught and follow it.

Not all people can draw and only certain people have that ability. They can be classified as active people in this world. Imagine if this child do not love to become a doctor but their parents force them to be a doctor. First of all, teenage children above 15 years old, they think that they have the tendency to live in their own without depends to their parents. I very excited because they give a trust to me. They need to know what kind of friends their children have and how children spend their time with them and the behavioural of the friends.

The second is, children, from their side, becoming teenagers do not realize themselves like babies, they consider that know everything in this world and think that parents get nothing in the modern life, so they cannot help them to make correct decisions.

Who should choose the career of a child – parents or children?

Unfortunately, in some countries, many young people at age of years become the victims of drug and anarchic manipulations and choose to opt out of responsibility. For the example, parents should not make the decision with who their teenage children should be friends but they have to advice and guide their children in way to choose the correct friends. Parent should know with who their child friend with and the way besg control it by inviting their friends to the house and by that way also parent will be more concerhed on what their child want in their teenager life.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Parents cannot protect children forever but concened only give an advised to get a change to select of friends. Let them be more independent by choose their own friends but parents must know with who their children be friends.


parents know best as far as career are concened. what do you think? | Yahoo Answers

ARIFFNOR BIN AZMI J09DN Have you met or asked maybe a friend of yours that frequently experienced problems in making decision toward something that maybe for some of his or her friends among the group 15 years to 18 years old had been given full authority to go on with their own decisions such as in making friends or to choose their favourite educational track? So, finally I can say that it is true adults are more mature than teenagers. One more why parent should make important decision for the child is on age child mentally is unstable because they not have many experience on life and the parent do not child do a same mistake in life.

Second, a major part of growth of children is learning to be independent. In this times, parents or other adult relatives should be a guided for them.

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay

For examples, in their studies, sports and so on. Apa is the citation style used by the health professions, sciences, and social sciences online: Because age fifteen to eighteen is such a crucial period for the teenage children to form their personality, to learn how to make decisions and take responsibily of it, as well as to develop where their talent lie.

As a parents, they will tell their child which is wrong or right and which is they should do and not suppose to when with the opposite sex that they like.

In the following paragraphs I will give my reasons to support this statement.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Every parents will understand and will agree if the children can managed to convince their parents. This is to avoid misleads. No elaboration should be done in this paragraph. But for me we still under age to thinks a bad and good thing enough. Parents need to play their important role to guide their afr.

So, parents should lead the teenagers to make decisions since they are mature and they know about the real world and they can make important decision correctly. Teenager nowadays can differentiate which one is good or not. Theoretically, making a decision is almost the same as solving a Mathematics problem since one uses his experience and knowledge to overcome such tasks.


Introductory paragraph should contain the background of the topic and the statement.

Parents know best as far as career are concened. what do you think?

fzr The most important decision that parent must care is about education, most of the child fag PMR they want to continue their further study, to take SPM examination they should fine the best to continue study in science, accountant or etc. I feel so regret for the desicion, and it takes me more time to achieve the success on Asian studies during graduate school. First, the age fifteen to eighteen, according to many research, is the time for teenage children to form their personality.

So from their decision our life of their children is more better different with parents who are not make decision for their child. For example parents decide in our clothing in order to maintain the good name of the family.

caredrs As the conclusions, parent must do decisions for the child for the child life, and beside that it is to make sure that the child gets the best among the best in life because parent already done learn about life and they got many experience before this.

Usually, girls will gossip about a boy with their peers. They forget that young people are capable of making wise decisions too. So, my point is that it is very important to parenhs this step right. In my opinion, parents are in most cases our first teachers and friends and from my everyday experience.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

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