Where more than one project is submitted, a summary sheet in tabular form must be included clearly identifying the standards covered under each project. The fee may be paid in the following ways:. For each project recorded, you must have worked on it for at least four consecutive weeks. Dates for the programme have been announced and graduate members can login and view these here. If your case study includes more than one project you must NOT duplicate evidence that you meet the minimum standards.

The professional areas in which you need to demonstrate competence are called Experience Areas. Please record this payment method on your application form. Based on their experience, each designer has refined a list of services and a specific way of doing them that may or may not fit your expectations. You should explain the case study in no more than two hours, allowing adequate time for the Assessment Panel to discuss various aspects of your case study with you. The fee may be paid in the following ways: At least one of the projects should be for a complex architectural project with which you had a close and extended personal involvement.

Becoming a registered architect

You must include a case study checklist as the first document following the contents page of your case study documentation. A case study release letter template is provided. In each case this must include an explanation of how you met the relevant Minimum Standard for Registration as a Registered Architect during your work on the project and your analysis of that stage of the work, including observations on how the process could have been improved.

Where appropriate and relevant, your case study should include at least the following documentation:. Project initiation and predesign Concept, preliminary and developed design stages Detailed design and documentation Procurement Administration and observation of contract works Practice management and office conduct The NZIA APL Registration Programme provides seminars, and workshops throughout the year for Members on these Experience Areas.

nzrab case study requirements

Recording devices are not permitted. Two copies of your case study and a memory stick with the case study saved should be sent to the NZRAB. Application close-off dates in are: My parents come from art and science backgrounds, so architecture was always an option.


If you did not have a personal involvement with some parts or stages of a stuey, this must be clearly stated. Becoming a registered architect. Copies of these documents should also be studj in the two copies of your case study for the registration assessors to consider.

This may include asking you to sketch typical construction details. Pathway 1 applicants must have a recognised qualification in architecture and the required work experienceor, where they do NOT meet both of these requirements, have been individually assessed by the NZRAB, and have completed any additional study or experience required as a result. The fee may be paid in the following ways: Improve and maintain nzrab of technical infrastructure The nzarb of milk and milk products, which was previously regulated case specific study legislation, has been brought into difference between thesis research paper study of a new Animal Products Actwith effect from 1 June With this capital investment case a number of sustainability issues have arisen, including excessive requirement of energy and water, carbon emission, and large volumes of waste generation [ 25 ].

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Becoming a Registered Architect – NZIA

If you have a recognised degree in architecture and the required work experience requiremetns, then you are entitled to apply for registration as a New Zealand Architect via pathway 1. Assessment by video link For registration applicants who cannot attend a face-to-face meetingassessments via a high quality video link can be arranged, at the applicant’s expense. If you would like to place an order, please email full details to info nzia.

Before undertaking registration, applicants in this category must complete two to three years of practical work experience.

Application Form Once your project record forms and your case study are ready, mzrab out the application form.

If you wish, you may have a support person with you, requiements he or she may not speak during the Professional Conversation. The following details apply: A project that requires skill and knowledge to deliver the resolution and integration of complicated aspects including but not limited to siting, planning, structure, services, materials, composition and configuration.


nzrab case study requirements

Additional information is available on the professional conversation as an assessment tool. Moeller received a Master of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan, which led to complications when she decided to practice rather than pursue research. To assist, examples of how past applicants have done this are available. When you make an application for registration, you submit your case study at the same time. Some architects will not engage in a project where they are not in charge of contract administration.

If you have a disability you would like the Assessors to consider during your professional conversation please detail this in the space provided on the application form and provide proof.

nzrab case study requirements

Without exception, applications will be returned if they do not comply, ie if too much material is included. Memory stick containing your case study PDF. You must bring your own laptop or other electronic device to the professional conversation with your Case Study on it, so you can show your Case Study and details therein on a monitor which will be connected to your device by a HDMI cable.

Nzrab case study requirements

Currently case studies can be presented either in hard copy or electronically as a PDF, although from the beginning of only PDF case studies will be accepted. Photo by David St.

Initial Registration Pathway 1 – Introduction If you have a recognised degree in architecture and the required work experiencethen you are entitled to apply for registration as a New Zealand Architect via pathway 1.

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