A sudden re-opening of the eruption fracture at m elevation allowed the lava lake in the summit crater to drain out violently. A well co-ordinated relief programme was associated with a steep decline in death rates by the second month of the crisis. It is likely that people will ignore warnings and will wait for an eruption to occur before taking action. As far as the present hazard situation in Goma is concerned, the following observations can be made, pending a full hazard assessment:. The acute impact of the volcanic crisis on the humanitarian situation has been small, as far as we can tell a “blip” according to one NGO official. Goma Hospital is located at the base of Mt Goma, and was the only public hospital that remained open during the crisis.

The main lava flow crossed part of the Goma airport runway and entered Lake Kivu, forming a new lava delta about m. A well co-ordinated relief programme was associated with a steep decline in death rates by the second month of the crisis. Why humanitarian assistance is not a long-term solution in the OPT. Markets quickly reopened after the eruption, and supplies of vegetables and fruit were soon re-established. Home Explore Case study of a Volcanic eruption: The provision of safe water and adequate food depends almost entirely on outside assistance, which is the life-support system for Goma.

Due to the hardness of the rock, the depth of latrines is generally less than ideal, not more than 1.

Decision making on risk is therefore a balance between the two dangers: Vulnerability assessment is a method of evaluating environmental hazards for the factors that amplify their impacts on populations or the environment. The draft plan allows for the relocation of betweento1.

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The video from Mt Goma shows the clouds of ash and smoke from burning vegetation around the vents and flows on the volcano being convected into the air during the day, and the progression of both lava flows into the city in the evening and night.


Human, infrastructural and geo-morphological vulnerability play the major role in the danger from epidemics from cholera, the other main hazard to the Goma people in this volcanic crisis. The houses became occupied by as many as three families, which placed even greater loads on the existing latrines. There is sufficient scope for a full-time post based in Goma, and the development of project proposals for work on the health aspects of the crisis:.

A repeat lava flow event and evacuation, followed by a rapid return to Goma before activity had declined, as occurred in January, would be especially hazardous, with the possible danger of phreato-magmatic explosions from renewed lava flows.

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As many aspersons left, whilst a substantial number of people stayed behind in the area of the town casse the lava flows and also in the western part of the city.

Developing minimum standards for education in emergencies. Nevertheless, most of those who left got away before late evening.

The water network across the city was broken by both lava flows Fig. RSS – Subscribe to information finely tuned to your needs. The Virunga Mountains stretch from east to west for about 80 km.

In contrast, Nyramuragira volcano erupts on a much more frequent basis and a new eruption could occur any time in the near future. The interpretation of the lava byiragongo behaviour and how the different types of lava formed during the phases of the eruption requires study by volcanologists.

The fear of giving money is almost pathological among aid agencies, even though, or maybe because, it would be simpler and cheaper to give than any other form of help. The Rwandans did not African Rift Valley welcome them and gangs threatened the refugees unless they returned home. The very fluid lava flows were not considered to be a major threat to Goma.

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The lava flows cut two main power lines and transformers that supply electricity across the city. Other consequences of the lava flows were mainly psychological stress from loss of homes, possessions and jobs. The rise in the lava lake level increased the risk of a flow breaking out down one of the flanks as in A city has not czse devastated by lava flows before and the impacts of the two flows in January need to be carefully considered for future emergency planning.


nyiragongo volcano case study

Learn more about ReliefWeb. The acute impact of the volcanic crisis on the humanitarian nyiragngo has been small, as far as we can tell a “blip” according to one NGO official. Brief guidance on the health hazards of gas and ash emissions from volcanoes is given in Appendix 3, which could form the basis of an information leaflet. The water supply network needs strengthening and extending; and pipes hardened against lava flows e. The WHO office had been devastated in the nyiragongi lava flow.

Human health and vulnerability in the Nyiragongo volcano crisis DR Congo Jun 2002

Nyiragongo In a major eruption from Mt Key Terms: All the patients reported that they had failed to chlorinate water taken from Lake Kivu. The evacuation route for most people living on the south flank of Nyiragongo would be through Goma. In some places short tongues of pahoehoe lava flowed from the sides of the main flows into topographical depressions and ignited nearby houses Fig. Preventing an epidemic atudy cholera is a major priority for the health sector, including international relief agencies and NGO’s.

nyiragongo volcano case study

The humanitarian situation and response in the OPT.

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