The other two could be a mentor, a professor you had in class, a previous supervisor, or research adviser for example. Remember the format changed starting in ! You can select a checkbox on the application that the transcript information for an institution is contained on the uploaded transcript for another entry on the Education and Work Experience section of the application. Broader impacts may be accomplished through the research itself , through the activities that are directly related to specific research projects , or through activities that are supported by, but are complementary to, the project. Find out as much information as you can about the program.

Each reviewer gets about 30 applications to read individually. Open in Google Drive. Skills Address the selection criteria explicitly NSF provides explicit criteria to select Fellowship recipients. That is, the potential of individuals is evaluated, not just the proposed research. Have you had to work on a team before? Present a concise description of the activities, highlight the results and discuss how these activities have prepared you to seek a graduate degree.

How will your graduate experience prepare you for a career that expands scientific understanding or benefits society? Making it hard to read: What are the objectives of the proposal? If you want me to link to an example on your website, or if you are willing to share your essays but don’t grrp a site, I can add it to the table if you fill out the contact form below.

Merit Review Criteria – NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP)

Here’s prsonal description from the solicitation this year: The reference letter should provide details explaining the nature of the relationship to the applicant, comments on the applicant’s potential and prior research personwl, statements about the applicant’s academic potential and prior research experiences, statements about the applicant’s proposed research, and any other information to enable review panels to evaluate the application according to the NSF Merit Review Criteria of Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.


These are the only 2 criteria the reviewers have to comment on grfo reviewer feedback in Examples section belowso you want to make sure they stand out. Graduate Research Plan Statement 2 pages maximum This is the meat and potatoes for what you plan to research yes, I’m from the Midwest.

Writing style and content: Match your level of specificity to your current academic level Your current education level should influence the tone and topics you address in your statement. They judge your application using a combination of: This one may seem obvious, but I think every applicant has good intentions when they start reading it, and then they realize how long it is.

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

Senior year, I applied electron microscopy and destructive materials testing to study plasma-material interactions. The purpose of this statement is to demonstrate your potential to satisfy this requirement. Be sure to tie your concrete experiences back to the Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts criteria explicitly. How has scientific research helped you better understand society, the environment, etc?

NSF Personal Statement : NSE Communication Lab

Have you had to overcome any unique obstacles or hardships economic, familial, physical, etc? Stay away from jargon, prepositional phrases, and the long French or Latin versions of words when, in conversation, we normally use the short, Anglo-Saxon version instead utilize vs use, initiate vs start, attempt vs try, methodology vs method, etc. Use statements about the meaning of experience as transitions between experiences. Guidelones might you be a stronger, and possibly more successful, candidate than other applicants?


Want one of your graduate students to win a GRFP?

I look forward to applying my interdisciplinary background to new research questions in plasma-material interactions as a graduate student.

Be concise and format your statements effectively. That being said, the evaluation process can be somewhat If you’d like to share your essays below, drop me a line!

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

Find out as much information as you can about the program. Skills Address the selection criteria explicitly NSF provides explicit criteria to select Fellowship recipients.

How many protocols did you develop?

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

The decision will be based on your demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering. Submit a day early!


Once you have decided on who you will ask, email them early, and attach a description of the fellowship, and review criteria. Keep it clear, concrete, and concise.

Please do not change this field. Just be sure that when you submit, it wtatement completely finished because once you submit, that’s it! Please outline your educational and professional development plans and career goals. There are a lot of options for which field of study your proposed research may fall under a list can be found at the end of the solicitation.

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