Waiver of honors credit for service learning or international study cannot be applied toward the final project requirement. On-campus activities are not included under this option. Honors Certificate Program Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3. Language and Linguistics Capstone: A statement of the significance of your research.

Human Forensic Analysis Capstone: Counseling and Educational Psychology Internship: The following guidelines apply: Students lacking these requirements may petition the Honors College Dean for permission on a case-by-case basis. The Honors Living and Learning Community is comprised of three components: Find the form here:

Permission to use this option must be approved in advance by the Honors College. Oral presentations should be limited to 15 minutes in length.

Although the format of the proposal will vary from one discipline to another, all proposals should contain the following items:. Performance expectations should be clearly understood between student and professor. A statement of the methodology or the significance of the medium if appropriate.

It also hosts many social and extracurricular academic activities. Eligibility for Continuing Membership. Your work with these students is greatly appreciated.

Recent University Honors Graduates

Entering freshmen must have either: Students in the Honors College are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience. It should be evident in the proposal that the research goal is an original one.


The Capstone is normally completed during the senior year and may be undertaken only if the student meets the eligibility requirements for graduation from the College 3. Proposals should be clearly written in acceptable, grammatical English and accessible to literate non-specialists. El coleccionismo de secretos en la cultura cortesana. More degree plans coming soon! Ashgate,pp. Natural Philosophy in England,Renaissance Quarterly 61 By completing the prescribed honors course requirements and maintaining a minimum GPA of bmsu.

nmsu honors thesis

Candidates for graduation with University Honors and Distinction in University Honors are expected to make public presentations of their final projects at one or more of the following:. Biology and Biology Nicholas DeLovato.

Steps to Complete an Honors Thesis/Capstone | Honors College | New Mexico State University

Gender and Sexuality Studies Capstone: Boydell Press,pp. Provide students with an interdisciplinary, intellectually challenging curriculum that integrates active and service-based learning; Promote university-wide undergraduate research and experiential opportunities, linking students with faculty mentors; Foster faculty enrichment and professional development; Encourage, mentor and guide students seeking postgraduate scholarships and fellowships; Offer students opportunities for developing leadership skills; Create a residential community that combines learning inside and outside the classroom.

Entering freshmen are automatically eligible for admission to the Honors College and Crimson Scholars by meeting one of the following criteria:. Recent posts have included: The student will be required to submit a proposal to you and the Honors Dean for approval.


Steps to Complete an Honors Thesis/Capstone

Represented here are some of the most advanced and creative projects presently being undertaken at NMSU. Sienna Mata Conroy Scholar Major: Proposals for creative arts and performance projects will, naturally, be somewhat different from proposals in scholarly and scientific fields.

Explanation of the research hinors or procedure you propose to follow in your research. If there are thesks about the adequacy or clarity of a proposal, it may be necessary for the supervising professor and the Honors Director to confer. SchmittIsis 76G.

The report must also contain a reflective component, demonstrating increased self-awareness and personal growth. Service Learning Project — The Service Learning Project shall be undertaken under the auspices and supervision of an agency approved by the Dean of the Honors College and earn Honors internship credits.

nmsu honors thesis

Myers, and Harold J. Discuss the results of previous research in this area and how your research will contribute to knowledge in this area. University of Chicago Press,

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