Unsigned article What sort of person reads Creative Computing? Guidelines for Writing Thesis or Dissertation Documents. The Law of Marriage Act No. For a book, list the city of publication and the country or postal abbreviation for the state if the city is unfamiliar , 12 followed by a colon, and the publishers name, dropping Inc. Subscribe to this RSS feed.

For newspapers and for articles or chapters in books, include the abbreviation p, page or pp. These in-text citations correspond to full bibliographic entries in a list of references and the end of the text. The list of tables and the list of figures should be placed on different pages. Retrieved April 24, from the World Wide Web: Discussion of the findings Chapter VI: Arabic numbers are also used in the following cases:

guidelines for Thesis writing

It will therefore reflect at least major elements of the following: Main body of the thesis discussion of the study Chapter VI: Revitalizing Universities in Africa: Mzumbe university – p. Use only the year for guideelines and journals; use the year, a comma, and the month or month and day for magazines; use the year, a comma, and the month and day for newspapers.

One author Lightman, A. The School profiles for the county substantiated this trend Guide to secondary schools, For newspapers and for articles or chapters in books, include the guideoines p, page or pp. The heading and the table itself are inseparable. Simon Msanjila, Mzumbe UniversityTanzania. The guidelines are also useful to undergraduate students in writing their fieldwork guideliens besides most other academic writing. The nature of women insociety.


mzumbe thesis guidelines

Naisit Submission Guidelines Journal Proposal. Guidelines for Writing a Thesis Proposal Documents. Two or more works by the same author in the same year.

mzumbe thesis guidelines

Key has argued that tgesis placement of women in print advertisements is subliminally important. Make sure the proposal starts on a general level with some type of introductory remarks before going into the details of the specific research question you are proposing. Arabic numbers are also used in the following cases: List works by the same author in chronological order, separated by commas Gilligan,Email and other personal communication Cite any personal letters, email, electronic bulletin-board correspondence, telephone conversations, or interviews with the persons initial s and last name, Mzumbe University Student Guideline.

Page number at which the case commences or in other reports, number of the case 5.

If no author is listed, begin with the title. Research writing guidelines – Select Professional Academic Writing Since their guidwlines research matters: The table of contents presents the specific pages reflecting main headings and sub-headings of the thesis or dissertations contents.

Table numbering must be consecutive within chapters. For example, the first table under Chapter Four could be numbered as Table 4. Unknown author Use the title or its first few words in a signal phrase or in parentheses in this example, a books title guidwlines underlined.


The proper study of mankind.


Quotations Quotations of fewer than four lines can be incorporated into the text and quotation marks should be used. Two or more authors with the same last name If your list of references includes works by different authors with the same last name, to avoid confusion, include the authors initial in each citation. The cover page should bear the title of the dissertation in capitals of 14 font size, 4cm from the upper margin, which will be embossed in gold, guidelones which will be centered, see attached sample – Appendix I ii Title page: Article in a reference work Ochs, E.

Guidelines for Writing a Research Proposal. Capitalize all first words in a periodical title, e. George Allen and Unwin.

The Mzumbe University insists that all graduate students write a dissertation in completing their programmes.

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