The weaknesses in the institutional response system As we could see through the brief analysis of recent crises linked to the eruption of Met Punctuation, the Philippine system of prevention and management of natural disasters shows a certain number of strength points. Evacuation camps built for refugees. The United States Geological Service helped to predict the disaster. Sulfur dioxide started to be released by the volcano. As of now, this alular risk controlling system continues to evolve. Shopkeepers and craftsmen reopen their shops, local transportations wheelers, tricycles….

From that time, as a precaution, the entire zone located within the 10 km radius around the crater has been decreed as permanent high risk sector by PHILLIPS. The criticisms are sometimes aimed at the local authorities and can even become sources of conflict between neighboring communities, suspecting each other of willingly damaging dikes Baboon-Battista, The need to control this disaster, its consequences and the risks associated with Lars, have, for the past six years, led the Philippine institutions to set up a certain number of structural and non-structural responses to which the populations have reacted more or less well. In the resettlement centers, in spite of the shortage of facilities, the lack of income sources and the difficulties in adapting to congestion or to estrangement from the native village, we can see various initiatives developing among the least resigned. As for alular warning, the quality of the population response remains irregular and reflects some difficulties on the part of the authorities to properly manage the system set up, notably during the first few years, which ended on several occasions in tens of victims.

Unfortunately, all these protection measures do not have the same efficiency facing Lars.

Mount Pinatubo Case Study (What happened during and right before the…

They are based on a program of rehabilitation and integrated development working toward 4 major goals: It allows for the coordination of about twenty different government agencies. Many of direct lack of means, of preparedness, of coordination, of dialog, etc.


It works closely with the various foreign partners above mentioned, and numerous other partners coming from the Private Sector or from on-government organizations. After a brief presentation of the Philippine official response system to disasters, this paper draws up a critical analysis of the deferent kinds of Institutional and social responses played to manage the different crisis and post-crisis phases of this event.

However, some evacuated Etas changed their minds and returned on the mountain to seek refuge and comfort from their God in caves. On June 15th, the eruption began. However, the analysis of the responses and the reactions of the populations, as well as those of the other official or non-official participants involved in crises management, media included, still shows a number of deficiencies and dysfunctions at the root of the authorities difficulties to best control this post-catastrophic situation.

Attempt the Venn diagram exercise below. Global cooling caused by ash in the atmosphere of 0. Disease that broke out in evacuation camps and the continuing mud flows in the area caused more deaths, bringing the total death toll up to people.

And indirect politico- administrative, socio-economic, cultural contexts factors come to lock the wheels of the Institutional response system, They defer the socio-economic start of this north Philippines vital area.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

Clark Air Base Umbilical, Pangaea. Many of the school there had were destroyed and thus education was halted. Would you like to get a custom case study? Those who have lost their houses can only dig to exhume a few recoverable objects of value before leaving to settle some meters away fase fortune shelters.

Case study of mount pinatubo | Case Study Template

The United States Geological Service helped to predict the disaster. Fantastic site on Mount Pinatubo – look stusy pages 2 and 3.

These awareness programs are aimed at three groups of people directly concerned by the Lars: Our Company Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Case study of mount pinatubo.


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Based on three ppinatubo The government created multiple shelters for disease control and long term aid. The more the philippine plate subducted, the hotter it got and the plate began to melt.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

But in Octoberthis initial structure was dissolved to make way for the MAC, which was placed under the authority of the President of the Republic and empowered to assist the victims of the eruption, Lars and floods. Heavy rainfall from Typhoon Yunga causes buildings to collapse.

Case study of mount pinatubo

They will probably last until Indeed, these Lars have obliged the authorities to protect and recommitted thousands of people. What they could have done.

Set up permanent monitoring points or use satellite images to look upon volcano site for changes in land surface.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

After 45 days, another government structure takes over, the Mount Punctuation Commission MAC responsible for the planning of more long-term resettlement and sthdy.

Others protect their belongings with sandbags. Fast flowing volcanic mudflows lahars cause sever river bank erosion, undercut bridges etc.

It then resurfaces as the density of the molten magma becomes lower than that of the rock, and so it pushes it up through the small cracks and explodes out through a volcano. Efforts are concentrated mainly on the short-term warning system: Indeed, immediately after the eruption of Met Punctuation on June 26,the Philippine government developed a structure — the Presidential Task Force Punctuation — capable pinathbo planning, guiding and coordinating the efforts at rehabilitating the stricken zones.

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