Even more eloquently, in a climactic passage about the audacity of the modern novel, he allows words to fail him: He was writing in French for the first time – maybe that was part of it. His theorising here is playful, delightfully provisional: In addition to European, the novelist is unequivocably a “he. Indeed, Georges, the arts are not the hard sciences; to write a novel worth reading, a novelist is required to have two qualities about all else: Gustav Flaubert and Fyodor Dostoyevsky can be singled out as two major novelists who set the trend.

From the first, novelists had to double as theorists, defining and justifying their heterodox form. One answer propounded by Kundera is from Flaubert: A trend was set and from that point onwards we – the readers – knew much more about what went on in the minds of a character. I also liked the book as it contains elements also present in the works of Bakhtin that I met while studying for my PhD in computational linguistics. Jun 20, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am a keen reader of writers’ [not critics’] musings on the art of fiction and this one surpassed my expectations; it turned out to be pure education. For, open any textbook, any anthology:

Like good love stories, it pulls you in. That scene where history was removed by mechanical means always stuck with me.

For, open any textbook, any anthology: I only wish Kundera said more, I wish the book was longer. A novel is not a history report; partw novel creates its own reality, a gateway to deep truths about ourselves and the life around us.

The Curtain: An Essay in Seven Parts

The Curtain is a love story. The Joke is a love story! Those questions can never be answered: Too often, he suggests, a novel is parte about only within the confines of the language and nation of its origin, when in fact the novel’s development has always occurred across borders: He talks about the continuity of consciousness that gives context to every work of fiction.


So many people adapt to living in a trap!

Preview — The Curtain by Milan Kundera. Then he talks about how the new history of prose was like when he was a young Bohemian and he sought out the “three woman day” and that the novelty of the novel was like that type of virility from his youth–too much for the first 15 pages.

Kundera Th,etc.

milan kundera the curtain an essay in seven parts

As a victim of East European bureaucracy, Kundera has good reason to despise the clerical strictures of ‘literary bureaucrats’, by whom he means academic critics. In Praise of Jokes. Oct 17, Jamie rated it liked it Recommends it for: For the unique morality of the Kundera analyzes the novel in his second of three books of essays on the art of the novel. I tried to love it all, but “The Curtain” is the perfect example of how a person, skilled at using language to tell stories, falls terribly victim to language when talking ABOUT stories.

The Curtain: An Essay in Seven Parts by Milan Kundera – PopMatters

On a very wide scope indeed! I was arguing that the approach should be rather scientific, while she said that many literary critics and scholars have a personal view, not written as a scientific study with references to previous works and all. Much can be said about the complex sources of Kafkan world and the continual search for meanings in Kafka’s confounding stories.

Inseparable from “human nature,” stupidity is present with man always and everywhere in the penumbra of bedrooms as well as on the floodlit podiums of History.

The names may make your head swim if you haven’t fulfilled World Lit prerequisites, but those with a taste for grand landscapes ij literature will enjoy Kundera’s canvas pparts sweeping aphorism and pointillist reports. Do I mean by this that to judge a novel one can do without a knowledge of its original language?


That position has always appealed to the world’s aesthetically minded literary scholars, bolstering Kundera’s prestige, much as his existential irony in novels such as Life is Elsewhere and The Unbearable Curtakn of Being made Kundera the hip read of the s for students who might have packed Camus or Hesse if born earlier.

In a happy accident organised by Rushdie at the beginning of The Satanic Verses, a jumbo jet explodes above London, extruding two characters who float unharmed to earth, delighting in the cosmic chaos that the bomb has revealed to them.

milan kundera the curtain an essay in seven parts

A few pages later he talks about ‘Antimodern Modernism’: Zdaj vem, zakaj bom naposled vzel v roke Dona Kihota. The babble of art is eternal. Although it is too early in history to make this claim but, in my humble opinion, Gabriel Garcia Marquez represents a new paradigm shift in the concept of time and space in the novel’s history.

This slim work of less than two hundred pages contains dozens and dozens and dozens of sharp insights on the art of the novel and how a novel and the novelist relate to society, culture and history. The gyno-absentation is stark A novel wishing to express itself as an explanation or is it an apologia?

The real work of a novel is not bound up in the specifics of any one language: In both The Avengers:

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