What information could be obtained from it? In reality there is simply not enough: Maps and aerial photographs Historical maps and photographs Wind and wave data. Add this document to collection s. View images of coastal environments in the coastal galler y. A pilot survey will show whether the criteria you have chosen are appropriate. The population can be divided into known groups, and each group sampled using a systematic approach.

This makes the readings fair. Data collected using this technique can be used to create beach profiles. This means that you normally end up taking more slope readings, but the profile that you draw is more accurate. Sample a representative number of locations behind the coastal defences. Patterns can be any shape or direction as long as they are regular F. The cliff is undercut by the spring sapping which encourages cliff collapse and retreat. What information could be obtained from it?

What is coastal deposition? Transportation is the movement of material in the sea and along the coast by waves. Each reading is taken from courseworl break of slope to break of slope.

The swash moves beach material along lngshore beach and the backwash, under gravity, pulls the material back down the beach at right angles to the coastline. The waves enter cracks faults in the coastline and compress the air within the crack. Sediment budget Find out about the sediment budget. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Further cliff retreat will form a wave-cut platform.


Use a tape measure to find the height of beach material on either side of a groyne. A study of the range of different techniques used to manage the cliffs could highlight costs and benefits as well as potential impacts on physical processes and human activity. How often do you go to the supermarket?

Geography Fieldwork

These are erosiontransportation and deposition. Pin It on Pinterest. What do you think are the most important reasons for protecting the coast at Tywyn?

longshore drift coursework

Longshorf the impact and severity of flooding behind coastal defences Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged.

Coastal Landforms of Deposition. An image illustrating longshore drift. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.

longshore drift coursework

After 20 minutes, you may find that some of the pebbles will have disappeared from the beach or corusework in a different direction to the others. Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence. Measuring size The size and shape of coarse sediments can be measured on the beach.

longshore drift coursework

Constructive Waves The much lower wave breaks on the shore and the swash carries material up the beach. Often it is a good idea to word the question so that people could respond with positive answers, negative answers or a mixture of the longshpre.


The population can be divided into known groups, and each group sampled using a systematic approach. The backwash carries material back down the beach at right angles.


Maximum-minimum thermometer housed inside measures the highest and lowest temperature, often within a hour period. Samples of fine sediments clay,silt and sand will need to be taken from the beach to the lab.

High resolution maps are available that show individual buildings and height above sea level. Using a protractor or concentric circle card, measure the minimum radius of curvature. The different methods should be analysed by the researcher and an informed decision made as to which is the most appropriate for the aims of the investigation.

What is coastal transportation?

Closed questions can also be given as a statement. This leads to a lack of beach material and therefore protection for the soft, boulder clay cliffs. After 20 minutes find as many pebbles as you can, and measure how far each has moved from the start point. Annotated images of the beach at Swanage, Dorset showing evidence of longshore drift.

Wind valve measures wind direction.

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