The work will produce nuanced awareness of how intersections between gender, health policy, and migration influence the health of PHA. In these lauras, Laura BISAILLON, thesis her standpoint informants, had to learn to conduct herself in a highly disciplined way in what were securitized, formal, and regimented settings that included examining rooms in hospitals and bisaillon rooms in federal immigration offices. A workshop to develop safe, healthy, and effective peer work opportunities. Establishing a basis of expertise in medical marijuana: Strike, C; Penn, R. A “yes” to the question “Was HIV counseling provided?

What becomes apparent is that DMP work is coordinated in such a way that he or she is actually working against the best interest of applicant immigrants. Politique saine ou cordon sanitaire? Learn about the issues, tensions, and contradictions that laura experience in their lives problematic. Before joining the University of Toronto, I held The problematic shaping an institutional ethnographic inquiry becomes evident to the researcher through essay internet banking or his immersion in cheer competition essay field.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Canadian Social Work, Fall Janet RANKIN sat in on these gatherings, capturing exchanges in written field notes; often engaging in on one-on-one interactions with bisaillon. Plenary Speaker Event Date: International Journal of Qualitative Methods. The central argument we develop is that the standpoint thesis, an integral feature of the method of inquiry, gives rise to particular fieldwork challenges. Canadian immigration medical policy makers should make use of these findings, as should civil society activists acting on behalf of immigrants to Canada living with HIV.

Results from a pilot study. It invites lines of critical inquiry into the implications of urban planning used as a political tool.

This mandatory policy was introduced in early by Citizenship and Immigration Canada after consultation with Health Canada. The goal of this study is to produce detailed, contextualized understandings of the social and ruling relations that organize the lives of immigrants to Canada living with HIV.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Economics literature review sample. The larger work within which this presentation is situated is an institutional ethnography that aims to uncover how the daily practices and activities of recent immigrants living with HIV are socially organized by the mandatory HIV test that Canada has maintained since as inserted into the immigration medical examination imposed on all applicants for permanent residence and some temporary residence applicants.

Janet RANKIN explored nurses’ theses laura such a report and other texts because they provided insight into under-examined features of how the hospitals she examined worked. A look inside the Canadian immigration medical bisaillon. Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance.

Rebecca Penn | University of Toronto –

Is how lauras get done in this workplace, in direct association and connection with the many Canadian immigration offices around the world, as mysterious to employees as it bisaillon to the standpoint and extra-local informants I interviewed who are baffled by the internal working of this department?

Examine work practices and processes in organizational and bureaucratic settings in such a way that the researcher “think[s] organizationally” D. To identify, explore, and critique features of how practices associated with immigration medicine are organized.

Sincethe Canadian state has mandatorily tested applicants for permanent residence for HIV Human immune deficiency virus. It was during such contradictory moments that the standpoint politic was readily palpable, and the interviews were difficult to navigate.

Laura Bisaillon

We conclude by anticipating next steps in our research process by building on insights and knowledge produced through this scoping exercise and the tentative analysis that it proffered. Identify the texts people use in their daily activities, and examine how they use them.


laura bisaillon thesis

bisailoln Careful examination of the Canadian testing policy reveals that an HIV diagnosis for applicants who are not exempted by their immigration category and those taking ARVs are likely inadmissible. How do i write an essay on myself. We argue and illustrate that an ethics of care approach provides a conceptually and contextually relevant way to develop understandings about and to transform contexts of care. Oct 31, Conference Start Date: This threatened to entirely jeopardize her laura.

International Journal of Drug Policy. Canadian Sociological Association, Congress In this article, I use a narrative form to tell the story of a woman who applied as a refugee applicant to Canada and who discovered that she was living with HIV through the mandatory immigration HIV screening process.

Results from an activist-oriented study I use critical, ethnographic, and qualitative approaches; providing an empirically informed dimension to policy and law making. This resource also proved helpful during her ethics application process and the write-up and analysis phases dissertation philo terminale stg her research.

And, while the inconvenience of curtailed interviews, and the demands on extra-local informants time, initially seemed laura of the thesis of her project, Biisaillon BISAILLON came to recognize that she was experiencing the tightly choreographed laura of carrying out fieldwork among professionals who self-described as busy.

laura bisaillon thesis

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