There can never be any difference because they were all assessed as excellent. The school, on its own, cannot impose on the host establishment the giving of allowance for it is a prerogative of the company handling practicumers. The department does not provide regular 1. On problems encountered tools are just enough for regular workers f. There are several areas where questions of attitude influence workplace behavior. These basic employee attitudes play out in the workplace in various positive or negative behaviors.

It is a non-profit Catholic institution that aims to promote its mission of service and education to students. The OJT Coordinators gave their honest responses on their problems encountered as coordinators. Danny Araneta Cabulay and Christine Palafox Carpio discuss apprenticeship as professional relationship between a student the apprentice and the expert professional the trainer or mentor , wherein the student is obliged to diligently obey and learn from the expert professional. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Findings further showed that the practicumers disagreed on such categories as:

Students are required to submit a written report documenting the tasks, responsibilities, learning experiences, training, and hours worked. Thesis Writing Guide June Prepared by: They were also excellent in demonstrating good personal habits, exhibiting emotional maturity, dressing and grooming appropriately, manifesting traits of being responsible, dependable and reliable, and showing high fotmat for themselves and for others, all of which got 3.

University in Lublin, Poland: Active Learning with Generalized Queries. He emphasize that front-desk job is a critical role in a company because generally, front-desk employees are the first person customers or clients speak to or interact with.

Mark Pryor College Thesis. How did the Philippines level its tax treatment of imported and local distilled spirits? Free Essays on Thesis On Filipino 2 for students.

La consolacion college thesis format

As shown in the table, the host establishments assessed the performance of the practicumers in terms of competencies as excellent as evidenced by its composite mean of 3. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample vollege. The study provides information and ideas on how to handle on-the-job training in the real set-up of the practicum site.


la consolacion college thesis format

They emphasize that professional practice must be brought to the core of curriculum to act as the organizer for both theoretical and practical learning. Student trainee who works in an office become accounting staff and assistant recruitment specialist, and did clerical works while students who work in a hotel become room attendants, kitchen staff and front office.

Professionals in higher education must be cognizant of such relationships in order to understand the nature of the institution.

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There is a work process procedure for students to qualify for on-the-job training OJT. Affective domain includes the manner in which we deal with things emotionally, such as feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasms, motivations, and attitudes. It is within the minimum requirements of CHED in their policies, standards and guidelines the qualification of students who can enrol the practicum subject as stated in the CMO No.

Majority of the trainee do clerical work which generally involves day-to-day office tasks, such as answering phones and entering data into spreadsheets. It includes experiential learning in accredited restaurant or resort management for fomrat both in local and international training institutions.

To Realiza Mame, Engr. In addition, the on-the-job training process involves one employee—usually a supervisor or an experienced employee— passing on knowledge and skills to a novice employee. The facilities and equipment used in the place of 1.

la consolacion college thesis format

Knowledge, skills and attitudes prepares students to acquire and obtain different characters as means to produce a professional designer. Kailangan magkaroon ng muling pag-aaral ang bawat istasyon sa kanilang mga alituntunin at bumuo. College and another school Thesis Format Bukidnon State University. Data Gathering Instrument To draw pertinent data needed to answer lla specific problems presented, the researcher utilized the survey questionnaire and conducted unstructured interview from the respondents.


In this study, this term was used as one of the criteria in assessing the performance consolacioh the practicumer.

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On-the-job training OJT is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employee’s worksite. The present study also identified the problems encountered by the practicumers and practicum coordinators during on-the-job training.

Thesis Format Guidelines New. Second, it is difficult to monitor the practicumers because the host establishments are far from the school and are located in different areas. Your attitude in the workplace can be one of the most — if not the colllege — telling aspect of how others in the company look at you and feel about you as a co-worker stated by Mueller They summarize the conceptualization of work ethic to the fact consolafion the concept of work ethic has multiple meanings and implications, pertaining to a variety of aspects related to work, including work commitment, work value, attitude toward work, occupational value, organizational commitment, perception of forjat development, and work achievement.

What are the problems encountered by the consolacioh and coordinators in the OJT? The task and activities included in the OJT are routine that do not really require the application of the higher knowledge, skills and competencies learned in the classroom.

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