The day after the Orientation meeting begins day 1 for Cycle 1. Demonstrates Applied Content Knowledge Standard 2: No time can be logged until a resource teacher has been KTIP trained. Meeting all requirements to serve as a resource teacher: The complete IPR is found on our website.

Be sure all have signed in. When an intern is performing regular teaching responsibilities in an instructional setting; Professional development for compensation from the district or employing school 4 days mandated by statute. The second bullet is hyperlinked to the correct webpage. What methods do schools have to communicate learning results to students and parents? All committee members and the intern must be present.

Before each lesson being observed. The chair shall be responsible for the timely submission of all documents and reports of the beginning teacher committee as required by this administrative regulation. All data, or information, that is used to support decisions about progress for each standard e.

Designs and Plans Instruction Standard kti; Be sure all have signed in. Three 3 official observations with each observation lasting one 1 hour in duration or one 1 class period; or. Again, stress the importance of identifying the needs and strategies to meet those needs with the PGP.

These materials should be on file in the Education Professional Standards Board by May 1 for full-year interns. Retain a copy of all materials for your district s records. Develop comfort in the new training materials designed for state-wide roll-out.


Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Committee Training ppt video online download

Using a shoulder or face partner describe sequence of completion for Task D. An internship shall not be established in a classroom designated as an alternative school, classroom or program unless the district superintendent or designated nonpublic school head or leader submits a written request for a waiver to the staff of the Education Professional Standards Board. The final committee meeting is scheduled by the principal. In the section labeled Analytic Scoring of Standard indicate the number 3, 2, or 1 for all indicators that relate to evidence you have recorded.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) – ppt download

Make sure that the evidence you have recorded for this standard supports the holistic score. Complete task with a partner.

The Leadership Project needs to be manageable and meaningful for a first-year teacher. This judgment shall be based upon the teacher intern’s ability to meet the requirements of all Kentucky Teacher Standards. Assignment of beginning teacher committee members in accordance with legal requirements. Detailed Crosswalk — Pages 32 — 33 of the Handbook The Kentucky Framework for Teaching and sources of evidence are used to determine that candidates are meeting the standards at a certain level.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework

Handbook pages 8 – 9 When does the committee discuss videotaping? Pair up in groups. Reflecting on the Impact of Instruction. Remind trainees that interns must pull objectives from standards: Intern is ltip classroom instruction based on student performance. No time can be logged until a resource teacher has been KTIP trained. Reflection needs to be data driven.


Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) – Suspended

Discuss the Professional Learning Community as a means to help develop a reflection piece. Identify references to assist with effective post-observation conferences.

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Scores for Standard 2 do not change after you have observed the intern. This data is not personally identifiable information. Committee should discuss with the intern ways in which a current project can be extended to include a leadership project.

Is a legal document that will serve as evidence in the event of an appeal of an unsuccessful judgment; so recording clear, thorough evidence is imperative. Focus on critical issues. We think you have liked this presentation.

ktip guide for homework

Reflecting on Teaching Component 4B: In documenting mentoring hours on the Resource Teacher s Time Sheet, always explain activities in detail as they relate to the intern s Professional Growth Plan.

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