With the experience gained, he set up a production unit in Jaipur in It also agreed to allow KCPL to run its existing line of business. The sugar crystals were converted into sugar syrup by dissolving the crystals in water and heating the solution. Cases of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad are prepared as a basis for class discussion. The prime problem in operations was absenteeism as the workers used to abstain from work without notice. Prince Biscuits, promoted by Ghanshyam Das in , was the leader with a monthly sale of tonnes.

Technology and Operations in Biscuit-making involved preparation of dough by mixing maida, sugar syrup, vanaspathi, and certain preservative chemicals in a given proportion; moulding the dough to get various shapes and sizes; and baking the shapes to get ready-to-eat biscuits. During the same period eight new units were set up in the organized sector in UP to produce biscuits. Its monthly capacity in was 1, tonnes. It had desired to expand its supply to the market by subcontracting orders to other manufacturers. In KCPL doubled its capacity from tonnes per month to tonnes per month.

kcpl case study solution

The initial order from Pearson was for 50 tonnes per month between May and March The company believed in the policy of ploughing back the surplus. This requires stuvy and selection of a point that you have most authority on.

The net profit margin on the biscuit business at 25 per cent was attractive.

The family members earned a salary. Writing case solution in exams and preparing notes for class discussions are two completely tasks. For example Porter Five Forces is effective tool to solurion competitive environment but it is not good for marketing and new product launches.


Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited (B) Case Study Solution

It provides business practitioners with a potent approach to. The case is a presentation of real life business situations that business managers had faced.

kcpl case study solution

It had used the surplus to diversify into unrelated businesses. It incurred a loss.

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The case study method is a powerful learning tool. The case writers express their gratitude to the members of the family for their co-operation in writing this case.

It would outsource the supply from small and medium scale units by providing technical support. Clearly defining the core scenario of Confectioneries Kcpl case study will help you to use relevant framework in next sudy and provide specific agenda for productively exploring the case study.

The case requires accurate casual analysis.

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Skip to main content. It had desired to expand its supply to the market by subcontracting orders to other manufacturers. The methodology can be used to all three types of case studies by businesses executives and MBA based on their requirements. These practices had enabled the company to minimize wastage and improve responsiveness to customer’s orders. The market response to Good Health biscuits csse not very encouraging.

kcpl case study solution

Help Center Find new research papers in: The total demand from these institutions was estimated to be around 2, tonnes. The other three sons of Mohan Kumar started their own trading concerns in metal parts and containers.

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Alok Kumar, the eldest son of Mohan Kumar, joined the business in after completing his graduation in commerce. On an average, six casual workers were employed to support one tonne of production. It would inspect the production processes of KCPL and recommend changes in processes and equipments, if needed.


Alok Kumar Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of KCPL, along with his brothers and son, is required to review the strategy and performance of his company and develop a course of action for the future. The initial contract was to be for three years.

How to Analyze Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited B case study based on Evaluation Scenario Approach Each of the situations in the case study has its own logic and awareness of it can help you not only to read more efficiently but also to write a more evidence based case study solution for casecompany case study.

Decision making within the family was seen by them as participative. It had not changed its prices in the last three years. Kccpl prime problem in operations was absenteeism as the workers used to abstain from work without notice.

It did not cater to a large national scale to reduce costs considerably nor did it have the premium image to get a higher price. The management principles laid down by the family were: However, it had a leading position in the South.

Solufion the exam scenario there is time pressure and you will be judged on how comprehensively you provide the overall solution.

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