In her dissertation, Prosser argues that racial injustices and feelings of isolation have damaging effects on the psyche of Black children. Lastly, to what degree is aggressiveness and submission fostered in the two groups ? Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans. During this period, Prosser met and married Allen Rufus Prosser, who worked as an elevator operator at a department store in Austin. Supreme Court ruling of , which argues that segregated schools were inherently unequal, thereby mandating integration in the nations public schools.

During this period, Prosser met and married Allen Rufus Prosser, who worked as an elevator operator at a department store in Austin. Prosser’s research was based on a small sample size, 32 matched pairs of students, and acknowledged in her dissertation that some of her conclusions were based on non-significant statistical results. Those who argue that Howard, earning PhD at the University of Minnesota in , is the first African-American woman to earn a PhD, hold the view that a psychologist is someone who earned the degree within a psychology department. The comparative reliability of objective tests in English grammar. She spent the majority of this time as a faculty member of Anderson High School where she taught English and coached a girls team for spelling competitions. May 9, Sara Maldonado. During this period, Prosser met and married Allen Rufus Prosser, who worked as an elevator operator at a department store in Austin, and the two were married in

Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans.

Prosser was especially interested in dissegtation role of psychology in improving black elementary and high school education. Her parents only had enough money to send one of their children to college, and initially had chosen her older brother, Leon.


inez beverly prosser dissertation

In her application, she noted, “I am interested in that type of research which will lead to better teaching in elementary and high schools”.

Non-academic development of Negro children dossertation mixed and segregated schools.

She cited examples of psychological stress in students incurred as a result of racial discrepancies and racial isolation. At Colorado, Prosser took several courses that were particularly relevant to her master’s thesis whose subject areas include mental tests, tests and measurement, and xissertation methods.

Prosser returned to Tougaloo after earning her PhD in Without a Bachelor’s degree, Prosser was required to complete undergraduate courses during the summers and by correspondence.

Prosser, Inez Beverly Material Types: Although Prosser and Crowley both asked about the differences between the segregated and integrated schools, Prosser focused on non-academic variables. She was born the prosder daughter out of 11 children in south Texas around December her exact birthday is unknown.

She excelled in school from an early age, graduating valedictorian of Yoakum Colored School in Even the rat was white: Figures and Topics from this paper.

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This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat Clark’s Context and Mine: Of the eleven children, all graduated from high school and six went on to earn college degrees. The award of a General Education Board Fellowship in provided her with the financial assistance to pursue further graduate studies in educational psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

JacobsRobert Walter Inshe graduated from the College’s teaching certificate program. Crowley, who was the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Hamilton County in Ohio, helped Prosser obtain permissions at various schools to conduct her research. Kids from integrated schools reported greater social maladjustment, insecurity and dissatisfaction with their teacher and family relationships.


She was around 38 years old.

The students enrolled in racially mixed schools were found to be more introverted, struggle more with social maladjustment, and experience more dissatisfaction with family and teacher relationships, among other factors. The project was designed as a companion to a dissertation completed in by Bevsrly Crowley in which the academic achievement of African American students was compared between segregated and integrated schools.

America’s first black female psychologist. Her father, Samuel Andrew Beverly, worked as a waiter and her mother, Veola Hamilton, worked as a homemaker. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Scope and Content This small collection contains Prosser’s teaching certificates dissegtation school diplomas, including Prosser’s degree from the University of Colorado. Inez Beverly Prosserteacher and school administrator, is often regarded as the first African-American proxser to receive a Ph.

Using Psychology’s Feminist Voices in the Classroom.

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Prosser arrived at the University of Cincinnati as a candidate for a PhD in bsverly psychology in A Record of the Darker Races. Her academic background and career are rare for an African American woman of this time. Education Teacher Appreciation Week: In addition, Prosser served as principal of the Tougaloo High School.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

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