I’ll be back, Henry, you horrid boy. Does anyone want to tell me anything before we have our singsong? We’ve been waiting for you. Miss Lovely tricks him into explaining his plan while Peter has her mobile phone call the school so that Miss Oddbod can hear. Is it time to go now, Miss Lovely? That boy is stupid as well as horrid.

But they do produce the most clever boys. If you’re 2 Cool 4 School It’s called walking the magnetic moggy. Oh, no, don’t worry. Now, then, shall we all sing together?

Y- Yes, Miss Oddbod. There’s only one course of action. Ooh, that’s very good, Hirrid. I’ve explained it to you a hundred times. He says the same thing to me every day. The school inspectors are here to see you, Miss Oddbod. How do you spell homework?

But isn’t Brickhouse very expensive? You can all go home early. I know you’re down here. Just you wait and see Cos the boy on that stage will be me Yeah!


horrid henry homework haze

They didn’t polish their marbles or tidy up their tea cosies? Now, please put your hands together Login or Create Account Keep Listening.

Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011) Movie Script

Enter letters below security code. Have you seen Henry? Well, well, Peter, you seem to have impressed us all. Oh, nice one, Henry. United Kingdom theatrical release poster. Now, where’s your homework?

hoemwork We’re from Ashton Primary School. Be honest, no, don’t! And I put it in the red crayon box, Miss Lovely. Then there’s my wormy little brother, Peter, and his annoying cello. Always play videos fullscreen.

horrid henry homework haze

The authorities give it such a low rating Miss Oddbod will have to close it down. Gonna be a big star See my name in lights Gonna play my guitar Gonna play all night Gonna go to town My friends and me Driving in a big car Back in time for tea But my homework is waiting for me There’s no escape and no TV Why does homework always get you down, down, down?


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It’s just not fair, Fang. How exactly is he going to do that? Why would they do that? This isn’t some kind of game. But not nearly clever enough. Never heard ofthem, sir. See anything you like? Select a track to watch the music video here. Now, then, shall we all horriv together?

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