You should not need to touch any other code. Since there is a single document for each student containing an array of scores, you will need to update the scores array and remove the homework. Assuming this document has the highest “Temperature” for the “State” of “Vermont” in our collection, the document should look like this after you run your program:. ObjectId “beaabecff” , “Day”: Enter just the code, no spaces. Note that this requires Node. If everything is working properly, you should be able to start the blog by typing:

Note that this is only an example and not the actual document that you would be updating. The templates comprise the view. After you run the blog, you should see the message:. Check all that apply. Write that text in the text box below. It should redirect you to the welcome page and say: There is also a views directory which contains the templates for the project.

homework homework 2.2 mongodb

There are entries with lots of comments and tags. If you have python installed at all, you probably already have most of these installed except pymongo and hommework.

homework homework 2.2 mongodb

We have removed parts of the code that uses the Node. The blog home page The page that displays blog posts by tag http: If you got it right, it will provide a validation code for you to enter into the box below.

Hello from MongoDB!

The pymongo statements that you are going to add will add a new user to the ho,ework upon sign-up, and validate a login by retrieving the right user document. There is a dump of the video database included in the handouts for the “Creating Documents” lesson. Use the weather dataset that you imported in HW 2. From the top of this page, there was one additional program that should have been downloaded: If not, use the following commands.


[Solution] Week 2 : CRUD: MP: MongoDB for Developers

The result should be Use that data set to answer this question. One way is to find the lowest homework in code and then update the scores array with the low homework pruned. Isolate those queries and use explain to explore. Check all that apply.

Please query the video. By fast, we mean that indexes should be in place to satisfy these queries such that we only need to scan the number of documents we are going to return. To figure out what queries you need to optimize, you can read the code in posts.

homework homework 2.2 mongodb

Your assignment for this part of the homework is to install the mongodb driver for Node. Please provide the value corresponding to the “answer” key without the surrounding quotes from mnogodb document returned. Now query the profile data, looking for all queries to the students collection in the database school2, sorted in order of decreasing latency.

The database calls that you are going to add will add omngodb new user upon sign-up and validate a login by retrieving the right user document.


In this problem, you will be using an old weather dataset. If everything is working properly, you should be able to start the blog by typing: Don’t remove a quiz or an exam! Change moongodb into hw1 Use mongorestore to restore the dump into your running mongod.

When it says “Correct amount of data documents. The templates comprise the view.

MongodbChamps: M MONGODB FOR DBAS – Homework

Now it’s your turn to analyze the data set. Once you have the the project working, the following steps should work: Write a program honework the language of your choice that will remove the lowest homework score for each student. In this problem, you will be using a collection of student scores that is similar to what we used in the lessons. To start, please download sysprofile.

MongoDB university m101p chapter 2 homework

Write that text in hkmework text box below. Then you can iterate through the documents and know that whenever the state changes you have reached the highest temperature for that state. You might want to start by inspecting it in the Mongo shell.

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