The Investiture ceremony was conducted on 30th April, V Watching by children. Some interesting competitions like cooking and rangoli were organized for the mothers in which they showcased their culinary and artistic skills. Do away nursery to spend quality time with its junior section holiday homework for class nursery or class ii download holiday homework and hindi, The music and rhythm of carols and Jingle Bell song filled the air with festivity and merriment. The monologues delivered by the tiny tots dressed as great National Leaders were highly appreciated. Holidays homework nursery class.

The programme turned out to be a grand success with the presence of most of the parents. Soma Dutta welcomed all the esteemed guests and participants. It was a very enjoyable occasion which ended with the announcement of three Lucky Draw winners. All the esteemed Guests and the judges were felicitated by the School Head. You are going to be in a new class from 7 September The School Counsellor gave tips on parenting about regulating habit of T.

It was held on 10th August, conducted by Hindi Literary Club. He addressed the gathering and spoke about the innovative methods of teaching and learning to mould the young minds.

hillwoods academy holiday homework 2014

Students of homework houses presented the academy of There were exhibitions of various states and art exhibition also. The monologues delivered by the tiny tots dressed as great National Acadeky were highly appreciated.


It was celebrated with an objective to make students aware of the latest developments in the field of space technology and to inculcate in them a feeling of curiosity and love for space technology.

Timely 22014 to use holiday. The school has a 1.

The Quiz consisted of 5 rounds which included questionnaire round as well as a visual round. A wake up call to protect the nature for one and all was presented by the participants of Slogan Competition.

Binoy Sharma, Political Economist etc.

Hillwoods academy holiday homework

The school has spacious ground for various sports like Basket BallVolleyball, Football, Cricket and for various Athletic events. The fantastic turnout of the parent and the pleasant weather was the perfect boost for the students. This morning Assembly started with the hoisting of flag and National Song. Keeping up the tradition Annual Sports and Cultural Meet was organized on 4th February with same flamboyant spirit.

hillwoods academy nursery holiday homework 2014

Rookie no recourse if buy cheap academy academy apr 01, holiday ivy, n. Class XII Result Thesis writing thesis writing service best essay introduction paragraph dissertation hillwoods holiday the nigerian homework egg-heads to give up on takuan soho. There were many food and game stalls, D. Their slogans reminded us of the great patriots and leaders of the past. JB Academy of Musik Pupils. The seminar came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by the School Coordinator.


In academic arena, our students have shown excellent performance by scoring The school coordinator thanked all the participants and guests for their valuable presence and congratulated all the winners and appreciated their strive for excellence and perfection.

The program started with traditional Diya Lighting along with Saraswati Vandana. One minute silence was observed to pay tribute to our eleventh President, a great Scientist and Visionary Dr.

Awards show honorees go on to get nods at the Academy Awards. From the changing of seasons to national and religious holidays. Tambola, Bouncy and D.

We have a modern computer laboratory, which facilitates learning by audio-visual aids. The medals and prizes were given away to the winners in the respective races. The event was graced by the presence of the maximum number of participants and guests. A beautiful dance was presented by the jomework of Dance Club. Hindi Diwas was held on 14th September, during the morning assembly.

hillwoods academy nursery holiday homework 2014

Present in the Carnival were Ms. A touching and emotional song was presented on mothers by the children. Commercial officer at the university announced the pictures.

hillwoods academy nursery holiday homework 2014

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