B An experienced orthopedic unit RN who is scheduled off for the day. D Reassure Kat that heartburn is a common side effect of Fosamax. Kat performs the procedure correctly, but states that she feels very nervous about giving herself a daily injection. A Advise the client that an immediate appointment will not allow adequate time to maintain NPO status before the test. Kat tells the nurse that she played a lot of sports as a child and teenager.

Acute deterioration of respiratory function may result in the need for endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation, so the nurse should ensure that this emergency equipment is readily available. I hope I am not a burden to her. C Have you experienced any infections recently? Here is the Osteoporosis: D Further conversation reveals that Kat is also worried about experiencing another fracture. B A Complication Occurs Three weeks later, Kat goes to the emergency department of the local medical center, where she reports that she fell off a ladder the previous day and is experiencing increasing pelvic tenderness.

A Apply oxygen via mask. Biology Forums – Study Force is the leading provider of online homework help for college and high school students.

hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet

A “It sounds as if your long walks provide plenty of weight-bearing exercise. D Administer hssi analgesic. D Perform another demonstration of the injection procedure so the client can carefully observe the steps.

Does anyone know the answers to evolve case studies, “osteoporosis”

Post your homework questions and get free online help from our incredible volunteers. B Kat tells the nurse that she started taking psteoporosis mg calcium supplement daily after she stopped her post-hysterectomy estrogen therapy.


Arrangements should be made for which nurse to provide care for Kat? I am looking for answers for evolve case studies on.

C “Walking more than a mile at one time is likely to increase your risk for another fracture. How asthma is treated. The healthcare provider should first evaluate the cause of the pain before the nurse provides client teaching regarding exercises or pain management.

CORRECT Fat embolism syndrome can quickly deteriorate and requires a high level of critical care expertise to effectively assess for subtle changes in the client’s status. B Observe for hematuria.

hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet

Does a gender wage gap exist in America? C Observe her feet and toes. What information should the nurse provide the client concerning the effects of food allergies on osteoporosis screening? B Parathyroid Hormone PTH Injections One week following surgery, Kat is discharged and goes to osreoporosis with her daughter to complete osteoporosiss surgical recovery.

Get unlimited homework help with our free online study community. C Advise the client that her allergy to multiple food products increases her risk for hypersensitivity to the medication used during the test.

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D Position the client on her right side with her head down. D Has occasionally taken ibuprofen Motrin for lower back pain for the last 2 years. The supervisor also notifies the hhesi provider, who agrees that Kat can remain on the orthopedic unit if Kat receives one-to-one care. C Twenty-four hours following a vertebral khyphoplasty, a client needs the surgical dressing changed.


CORRECT Pelvic fractures can be extremely painful, impacting all aspects of the client’s well-being, contributing to fatigue, sleep pattern disturbance, and impaired physical mobility. Quizleet Discuss the implications of placebo use with the nurse who administered the saline. D Encourage the nurse to continue the placebo use, alternating with the Morphine.

Her SaO2 is decreasing. INCORRECT Assessment of the pupillary response to light provides data regarding neurologic function but does not provide data regarding peripheral neurovascular function. C “Weakness and hesii often increase as the condition worsens.

Search under health assessment and promotion Even though the client has recently experienced a fracture this is not an emergency situation, so the client may prefer to wait for the appointment in three weeks. B Initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Cqse Measure abdominal girth. B An experienced orthopedic unit RN who is scheduled off for the day.

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