A critical approach may draw on elements of either or both of the other approaches insofar as they help to explain or understand international relations, but it is skeptical of empiricism and interpretivism because they do not necessarily question the underlying basis of the status quo. In order for the student to receive a degree during the current term, a defense must occur at least two days prior to the deadline for final submission. Pages must be numbered. The thesis should be typed or word-processed, with either 1. It is highly recommended that you review the GSAS guidelines at the beginning of the semester.

This word limit does not include footnotes, front matter, or appendices. Introduction The introduction will give details of the research topic you have decided to focus on, why the topic is of interest, what the gaps are in knowledge, how your dissertation ‘adds value’ to previous research i. Most often, the readers are the same individuals who served on the student’s dissertation proposal committee. Choice of Thesis Topic. It is recommended that students continue to meet on a regular basis with their thesis supervisors in person or virtually during J-Term and Summer Sessions. Towards the end of your second semester:

Dissertation Defense Guidelines

Prior to scheduling the doctoral dissertation defense, three dissertation readers, one who is the candidate’s advisor, must approve the dissertation for defense. Having identified gaps in the literature and eubmission in which you can add value to the research, you need to give your research question and explain how answering this adds to knowledge.

The ability to include images or other thirdparty copyrighted materials within the dissertation, in accordance with fair use.

How do they enable you to answer the research question? Components of your thesis may include: Licensed images must be used in a manner consistent with license terms and conditions.

Once a thesis topic and supervisor are designated, the MA program director must approve any changes. It is advisable to use the chapter number as a prefix. Dissrrtation Dissertations A dissertation at the Institute of Fine Arts can be no longer than 60, words approx. Guidelines for Thesis Research Outline Title: The three “Doctoral Thesis Reader Sheets” and the “Doctoral Thesis Oral Defense Form” are kept on file in the department, and the Department Administrator is responsible for submitting these to the registrar following the dissertation defense by the Final Dissertation Deadline.


Suhmission and accompanying forms are required at each of these stages. There are various forms that require original signatures from your committee members, so the earlier we know, the earlier we can be in touch with these people to start the signature process in time for various deadlines. See Research Ethics nyj GSAS website for more information Findings and analysis These can be presented in different ways and will vary depending on whether your research uses quantitative or qualitative methods.

Images that are subject to copyright or dissertatlon third party rights may be used when consistent with fair use law and best practices, or with permission from the rights holder. Before proceeding to write the thesis, students have the opportunity to submit a research outline to their supervisors and faculty panel for discussion.

The department administrator will then forward the Dissertation Reader sheets to Office of the Registrar.

gsas nyu dissertation submission

Where there are differences, discuss possible reasons. It is recommended that students continue to meet on a regular basis with their thesis supervisors in person or virtually during J-Term and Summer Sessions. Since there is no major empirical component to the dissertation, the examiners will pay particular attention to matters of scholarship. You will find that a the dissertation must be formatted in a certain manner, which can be quite time consuming, and b they require documents with original signatures as well, so you will want to prepare these in advance of the Preliminary and Final deadlines.

gsas nyu dissertation submission

There must be a statement of the aims of the thesis either as the first section or included in the Introduction. Should you have further questions contact support proquest.

MA Thesis Requirement

Am I required to submit my dissertation to ProQuest? Your research question needs to be defined with care and your thesis supervisor will help you to do this. A list dissertatioj images or plates must be included in the front matter of the dissertation. If an outside reader is being considered as part of the dissertation committee, the candidate’s department must complete and sign the Outside Dissertation Reader Approval Form to include submizsion the candidate’s graduation file.


The introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure i. We strive to provide excellent digital access to all.

gsas nyu dissertation submission

The title will become clearer as your research and write — it is normal to pick a title for your thesis after writing it, rather than before. It could finish with mention of the principal points on which you would expect to be able to reach a conclusion but, of course, not the conclusions themselves.

This is one of the most important parts of your dissertation as it links with your methods and can help with structuring your submiission.

Research and Libraries at the Institute

Any theoretical approach can result in criticism of international relations, but a critical approach to the use of evidence is one that is grounded in the analysis of social conflict or relationships of power for example, Marxism, feminism, or post-structuralism. It should critically evaluate earlier work in the field, paying due attention to its contributions, and sbumission any methodological problems and limitations involved.

All theses involve the use of empirical evidence even if it is existing evidence reported in the relevant literaturebut what is called empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences.

If you are carrying out primary research you need to say how you obtained your sample, how you have ensured anonymity of participants, and any other ethical issues.

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