Her vital signs are: B “Increased nausea often occurs when the medication is taken late in the day. Additional risk factors include being female and of Caucasian or Asian ethnicity. CORRECT Estrogen deficiency contributes to the onset of osteoporosis by causing an increase in osteoclastic activity, resulting in bone breakdown which occurs faster than bone formation osteoblastic activity. Three mg tablets provide mg of calcium every day. C Kat is seen by the healthcare provider, who recommends osteoporosis screening since Kat is at risk for osteoporosis. C “You may prefer to take the medication with a specific meal once a week.

B After the appointment for DXA is scheduled, Kat reminds the nurse that she has a number of food allergies, including shellfish, red food color, peanuts, and strawberries. Which reported information indicates the need to assign the client to the RN? The nurse meets with Kat to provide client teaching. A Reassure the client that her lower back pain is the result of her osteopenia. B A Complication Occurs Three weeks later, Kat goes to the emergency department of the local medical center, where she reports that she fell off a ladder the previous day and is experiencing increasing pelvic tenderness. To a large extent. B Observe the client’s pupillary response to light every 8 hours.

A Apply oxygen via mask. B Perform an Allen’s test. C “Weakness and fatigue often increase as the condition worsens. B Encourage the client to practice the injection technique again under the supervision of the nurse. Vitamin D supplementation may also be recommended by the healthcare provider.


C Prednisone Deltasonea corticosteroid, taken during the acute exacerbation and for several months following. Master your assignments with step-by-step solutions to countless homework questions asked and answered by our members. C “You may prefer to take the medication with a specific meal once a week.

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C “Brittle bones are primarily inherited and are casse often affected by your level of activity. B “Being active in sports only increases the risk for osteoporosis if your bones break a lot.

What action should the charge nurse implement? A Prepare the client for a blood transfusion.

evolve hesi case study osteoporosis

Osteoporoxis An experienced orthopedic unit RN who is scheduled off for the day. A The nurse also discusses the adverse effects of the medication.

C Schedule the client for the immediate appointment so that emergency treatment can be started, based on the test results. D “Most people your age have some health problem to cope with.

D Further conversation reveals that Kat is also worried about experiencing another fracture. C “By taking 3 of your calcium tablets each day you will receive adequate amounts of calcium for your needs. A Assign an LPN to take the client’s vital signs every 2 hours. B Meet privately with the nurse at once to discuss the conversation stidy was overheard. Read times 20 Replies. D Encourage the nurse to continue the placebo use, alternating with the Morphine.


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C Notify the surgeon that this technique has reduced the client’s need for Morphine. Additional risk factors include being female and osteoorosis Caucasian or Asian ethnicity.

A Advise the client that an immediate appointment will not allow adequate time to maintain NPO status before the test. To help determine why osteoporosis has developed, what question should the nurse ask Kat?

B “Many persons with osteoporosis hesu not have any symptoms. When this prescription is discontinued, a new prescription is written for Morphine 2 mg every 4 hours PRN. C The healthcare provider prescribes alendronate Fosamax PO once a week.

evolve hesi case study osteoporosis

What action should evove charge nurse take? The next available appointment is in 3 weeks. C “Try not to worry about that right now while you are still healing. B Ask Kat to describe her method of Fosamax administration. The nurse caring for Kat is concerned about the amount of opioid analgesics that Kat has received since her fracture occurred. B Kat tells the nurse that she started taking a mg calcium supplement daily after she stopped her post-hysterectomy estrogen therapy.

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