Redundancy of keying employee information in both micro and mainframe. An Employee will make zero or more UnitedWayContributions zero or one each year. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Primary keys are shown at the top of the list of attributes and marked with PK. Foreign keys are marked with FK and a number.

Also, state any assumptions you make. System updates data for pay rates or job title or supervisor. If the user selects the option to return to the search screen,the use case returns to step 2. Age and technology of system require a high level of is support. Typical Course Of Events:

The selection of subsystems will vary depending on the assumptions of the student.

Case Study ESSS

A person who works for the organization. The system responds by displaying a search screen with options for entering a first or last title,or name,department,location,job supervisor. You might stress to the students that oftentimes user expectations are simply stated in terms of a new system that works!

esss case study solutions milestone 4

Most students should be able to correctly identify the Uses relationships shown below. The screen will include an option to return to the list of employees and an sooutions to return to the return to the Step 7: Non-functional Functional The system should provide a facility that makes it easy for employees to sign up the manager United Way deductions and other payroll deduction Functional from their desk.


New system must be secured to prevent unauthorized data modifications. Age and technology of system require a high level of is support. Describe time required by administrator essss maintain employee information from 12 hours per week to 1 or A few notes on the use cases included in mllestone glossary: We have chosen to focus only on the use cases that will be most used.

esss case study solutions milestone 4

The system should integrate all employees data database into a single Non-functional unified database. All of the cardinalities of the major entity can be determined from the interview or the forms. This use case describes the event of updating the Employee employee profile information. This system would provide the capability for employees to maintain their own information regarding address and telephone number changes,beneficiary changes,United Way and other deductions.

This is a good way to show and emphasize creativity and the face there is no one corrects solution.

Employyees unable to quickly locate other employees,company mailings being sent to the wrong address and payroll checks unable to be delivered. The diagram beloe includes foreign keys,assuming implementation in a relational database. Make sure students specify primary keys that uniquely identify the entities as well as use proper names for the keys. An Employee will specify one or more MiscDeductions. An order submitted by employees to have a charitable contribution deducted from their payroll.


The system displays all employees matching the criteria with links to detailed information for each employee. The Employee,SalaryEmployee,HourlyEmployee and ContractEmployee entities generalization hierarchy entities must all hava the same primary key. Prepared by Kevin C. Stidy Employee works in a Department and a Department employs one or more employees. The system should be accessible over the web and the secure.

Case Study ESSS

Cost of maintaining and operating current mainframe system excessive. The work phone number of an emergency contact. A Case Study in the De Subject to interpretation,this diagram is in third normal form, which is mi,estone bulk of the assignment for Milestone 5. Actor Action System Response Step 1: Determine whether each potential object is an object, an eesss of a particular object, a synonym for an object or attribute, or something else. Students should realize that based on additional interviews they may need to revise this matrix to reflect new problems, opportunities, directives, and changes in their understanding of urgencies and priorities.

Misc Deduction A Miscellaneous Deduction elected by an employee.

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